Monday, November 15, 2010

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Sheree's Bad Ballroom Dancing with Kim's Big Butted Boyfriend Atlanta Falcon Quarterback Kroy Biermann

Sunday night's was another amusing episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Though I did begin to bore during Cynthia's wedding dress shopping. But even that provided a moment of bizarre, with Cynthia saying how close she and her mother are. And then it coming as a revelation, at the wedding dress store, that Cynthia's mom was pregnant with Cynthia when she quickly married Cynthia's soon gone father, at 18 years old.

Phaedra put on a good show of crazy whilst packing for the induced birth of her baby. Phaedra is HUGELY pregnant, yet clinging to the story that she is 6, or is it 7, months along. Apparently, next week the truth comes out about Phaedra's pregnancy, a moment that drives Dwight to ask for another drink.

Sheree was in fine form. She got herself a new Aston Martin sports car. You know, the type James Bond drives. They cost a lot. Sheree got this car because she is now at a place where she feels like pampering herself. Unlike last week. This Aston Martin is the car that it is believed was repossessed, in rumors that swirled around the Internet awhile back.

Sheree somehow decided it was a good idea to agree to dance in an Atlanta Dancing with the Stars charity event. Sheree had a target of $5,000 to raise for the charity.

Before I get to Sheree's dancing, let's go visit Kim Zolciak. We had the big reveal of Kim's youngest daughter's re-decorated bedroom. Kim claimed she spent over $60,000 on this. Kim's older daughter was jealous, claiming her room had a little girl look to it too. We then learn that the older daughter has a 2,000 square foot apartment upstairs with multiple rooms.

Those Kim kids are going to be such messed up adults.

And then we saw Kim's newly decorated office. Seldom have I observed someone with such horrible taste. Very tacky. With pictures of herself decorating all the walls.

Now let's go back to the charity dancing deal. We saw Sheree in training. That was painful to watch. We heard Sheree being totally delusional about her dancing. She arrived for the big dance with hair dresser/singer Laurence in tow. When booted out of the "dressing room" Sheree turned the women's public restroom into her dressing room, which caused NeNe to make a very funny snarky remark, which I've now forgotten.

All the Housewives arrive, except for Phaedra, at least I am not remembering her being there. NeNe drug Greg along. Greg was not happy. Sheree claimed she paid $1,500 for the Housewive's table. The Housewives got food and drink at that table. When it came time for the Housewives to vote with dollars, as in make a contribution to the charity cause, NeNe insisted they each give $20. Kandi was horrified at the cheapness, but went along with it. Sheree was expecting them to each donate a couple hundred bucks.

Then the dancing started. At one point a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Kroy Biermann, danced. Kim went nuts over the guy's big butt. Kim declared this the best butt she'd ever seen on a white guy. More on the guy with the big butt, later.

Back to Sheree dancing. It was awful. Really bad. Like a parody of someone trying to be sexy. Cut to the Housewives in confessionals. Kandi can't suppress a yawn, NeNe laughs, Kim is perplexed. Like I said it was really bad. But the judge gave NeNe a 9

However, the guy with the big butt was the winner, to which Kim remarked how could you not give to him, what with that big butt.

After it was over Kim met up with the quarterback, told him how much she admired his big butt. Asked if she could see it again. He obliged. They exchanged contact information.

That is Kim and the big butted quarterback, above. Apparently this is the guy with whom it was rumored Kim  became pregnant. Rumors vehemently denied. Kroy's teammates apparently tease him about dating Kim, whom they refer to as a "gold-digging cougar."

Kim is, supposedly, only 32. That is too young to be a cougar. You have to be 40 to be a cougar. NeNe could be a cougar.

On her Bravo Blog last week Kim said we'd be meeting someone special on this week's episode. I assumed it was going to be Big Poppa, not some football quarterback with a big butt.

And how does Big Poppa keep footing Kim's extravagant lifestyle when she is seen out on the town with a young guy with a big butt? If I were Big Poppa I would be jealous. Then again, if I were Big Poppa, I'd find a better place to waste my money than Kim Zolciak.

Although, I have to admit, Kim looks like she'd be fun to have fun with. I just would not want to be spending any money on her.

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