Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Season 8: Episodes 9 & 10: Rob & Vinnie Take Off Their Jackets and Leave

That is Vinnie and Trevor in the Hell's Kitchen hot tub, with Russell looking on, in disgust, after catching the hot tubbers talking smack about him.

The first episode started off with the predictable move of  Trevor back to the Blue Boy's Team, to the delight of the girls. And the lack of delight of the boys.

It is easy to mix up what happens when 2 episodes are run, back to back. Having said that, I will make a try at it.

In the Reward Challenge, in the first episode, the Red Team Girls won again, in a palette taste test. They got to go shopping and have a feeding with Chef Ramsay as their reward while the Blue Boys recycled garbage.

The Red Girls won the dinner service in the first episode. The Blue Boys were a disaster. If I remember right, all were sent out of the kitchen. Rob was a particularly bad disaster, seemingly unable to properly cook anything.

So, Rob was told to take off his jacket and get out of Hell's Kitchen, in the first episode.

Episode 10, of Season 8, that being the 2nd hour, started off with the Blue Boys finally winning a reward challenge. It was a tag-team cooking of 3, or was it 4, dishes. The Blue Boys narrowly won.

The Blue Boys reward was to go shopping a Sur la Table, where they had a few thousand dollars to spend. Then a feeding, with Ramsay, at some well-known, multi-Michelin star restaurant I'd not heard of.

Meanwhile the Red Girls prepped and unloaded trucks whenever a buzzer sounded.

The Blue Boys returned to learn for the next dinner service both teams would make up their own menu, with diners picking either the Red or Blue menu.

Much debate ensued as to what to put on the menu, with the girls ignoring Sabrina, despite Sabrina having proven time and again, that she knows what she is doing. While the boys ignored Russell. Who is a jerk and deserved to be ignored. Particularly by Trevor.

That night Trevor and Vinnie decided to get in the hot tub and drink a lot of beer and wine, while smoking cigarettes. Russell got tired of the hot tub noise, went to shut them up, only to hear Trevor and Vinnie talking smack about Russell.

Trevor and Vinnie, particularly Vinnie, were hungover the next day. Leading to Vinnie being a disaster in the kitchen. And his eventually loss of his jacket and a trip home.

Why would anyone choose to get drunk the night before an important task?

Neither team particularly shined during dinner service. Nona had woes on the Red Girl's Team. All the boys had woes, with Vinnie and Russell's woes being the worst, so much so they were sent out of the kitchen, back to the dorm, to join Nona, who had also been kicked out.

Russell, who seems competent,  sent out raw chicken. How could anyone make that mistake? Vinnie's boo-boos were too numerous to remember.

Neither team won. Ramsay had the teams go to the dorm and each decide who they thought should go home. The Red Girl's Team unanimously wanted to get rid of Trevor, who admitted he was no lady's man. The Blue Boy's Team wanted to get rid of Sabrina, maybe not unanimously. I don't remember.

I don't remember anyone picking Vinnie to go. But in the end, that is who lost his jacket.

None of these chefs in this iteration of Hell's Kitchen seems totally competent to run a restaurant. But, what do I know?

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