Monday, November 29, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Koated Nights With NeNe Divorcing Greg

Kandi Koated Nights really shows us a side of  Kandi Burruss that I did not think was there. With Way Too Much Information being shared. When it is tasteless to Kim Zolciak, you know it is really tasteless.

And then Kim invited Kandi and her mother, Joyce, over for Mother's Day, at least I think it was Mother's Day, with Kim's kids and mom and dad.

Why are Kim's mom and dad in practically every episode this season, when they did not exist, as far as we knew, previously?

So, Kandi's mom proudly brought her "Better Than Sex" cake and presented it to Kim's mom. Who seemed to take the sexy cake well.

Back to Kandi Koated Nights, I could have lived without the stripper taking it all in front of the ladies, including a humongous sock covering that which should have remained covered, which was referred to by one of the women as humongous. The various expressions on the housewive's faces, when the humongous member was presented for their visual examination, was pretty funny.

Kim took daughter, Brielle, to her favorite jeweler to get a ring. An Abstinence Promise Ring. All the rage among 13 year olds. With the ring Brielle promises to not engage in any baby making activity until she is 18. The diamond studded ring cost $3,000. Oh, the values Kim is instilling in her girls is quite impressive.

Phaedra came home from the hospital. Apollo had to carry her up the stairs due to Phaedra being unable to walk. Then he remembered to go get the new baby in the car. Phaedra said several strange, goofy things, only one which I remember, something about the baby's crocheted onesie being from the same place as Oprah's. Huh?

Kandi and her music crew worked on Kim's Ring Don't Mean a Thing song. Kandi played it for Kim, who's eyes lit up, now liking the song. Kandi was ready to sell it to someone else if Kim continued hating it. Kandi keeps bitching about Kim not paying her for Tardy for the Party. But, on Watch What Happens Live Kim said she not only paid Kandi, she overpaid her.

A gossip fest broke out after someone recorded Greg ranting about NeNe. And put the rant on a radio website. Greg did not know he was being recorded. He thought he was talking to a friend on the phone.

So, after we saw Sheree's funny dumping of her phony "Doctor" boyfriend, Tye Muhammad, we ended the episode with NeNe confronting Greg about his "radio" interview, after NeNe learned of it, in a humiliating way, on her first day of work on her new TV "journalist" job.

NeNe was all bent out over Greg airing their dirty laundry so publicly. The nerve. But wait. NeNe has this confrontation with Greg, in front of the cameras, so we all could watch. Now that is just ironic. And hypocritical.

Anyway, another entertaining episode of RHOA, except I could have lived without the Cynthia wedding planning part.

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