Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Trashed Collection: Kim's Garage Sale & NeNe's Marital Woes

Well, I guess on the latest episode of Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (another excellent episode, making 3 classics in a row) we learned what is causing the stress in NeNe and Greg Leakes marriage.

Greg cheated.

Or so NeNe clearly suggested to Cynthia in the last scene of the last episode.

NeNe was a bit on the drunk side of sober. Cynthia and boyfriend,  Peter had come over to Greg and NeNe's, in part, I think, so that Peter could impart some wisdom to NeNe's lazy son, Bryce, or Bryson. I think I've heard both names used.

The funniest part of that whole segment was when Bryce asked what asparagus was and his little brother informed him he had just embarrassed himself in front of the world.

NeNe and Greg got a bit confrontational in front of Peter and Cynthia, after what started as the offering of marital advice. Communication is key, NeNe repeated over and over again, poking the word into Greg's nose. Why would anyone want marital advice from a marriage on the rocks?

Other amusement, this episode, was provided by Kim Zolciak.

Trying to sing.

To the exasperation of Kandi. As an artist Kim is just not feeling the new song Kandi has written. I think it highly amusing every time Kim refers to herself as an artist. But, sometimes I think she is totally in on the joke.

And then there was Kim's garage sale. Apparently she is a hoarder. She was spending thousands of bucks a year storing stuff she'd replaced with new stuff. So, Kim decided to have a garage sale in the parking lot of a burger joint.


One of the items was a big bed. I think Kim said she'd paid $14,000 for it. She wanted $4,000. I think that was the item her dad was trying to sell at $500. Kim's dad was selling all sorts of her expensive junk at garage sale prices, to the total chagrin of Kim, who had her enabler pour some wine (always in supply) into her coffee mug, at 9 in the morning.

NeNe showed up and bought the bed. I think Cynthia arrived with NeNe. The pregnant Phaedra showed up and proceeded to make funny snarky remarks.

The snarky confessional remarks are being very funny this season of RHOA.

Kim tired of the hard garage sale work, so she and the others "housewives" retired to the burger joint, where much fun was had grilling Phaedra about her mysterious baby due date.

I forgot to mention, previous to that, way back when the big bed showed up, Kim remarked that a lot of magic took place on that bed. Over heard by eldest daughter, Brianna. Methinks Kim is going to have herself a self-made handful, with that daughter of hers, coming up real soon.

So, that's my shorthand take on what remained in my mind of the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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