Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Carrie Ann Inaba's Fit Pitching With Maks On Dancing With The Stars

You are looking at Carrie Ann Inaba. She is one of Dancing with the Stars judges.

Looking at the picture you would think the woman is smiling. What that seemingly benign expression really was, was her passive-aggressive last word in an argument with Maks, he being the professional partner of Brandy.

Brandy and Maks had just finished their "Instant Dance" with the "Instant Dance" being this week's DWTS gimmick.

Earlier  in the week the pairs or couples or teams or whatever you call them on DWTS were told what dance they were to dance for the "Instant Dance." The instant part came last night, when, after completing the first dance of the night, the as annoying as Samantha Harris, co-host, Brooke Burke, instructs the celebrity to pick cd out of a bowl.

On that cd was the music the couples were to dance to, with only 20 minutes to get used to the song.

Now, I must say, I've long thought Carrie Ann Inaba is a bit on the dim side. Last night she really showed off her dimness. After Maks and Brandy finished their "Instant Dance," Carrie Ann Inaba was just all upset because Maks and Brandy did not hit the ground dancing on the first beat. Instead they cutely slid into it a couple beats into the music.

Maks instantly bristled at Carrie's stridency. I like Maks. He is funny. But, I don't think that boy has had a lot of practice retorting to irrational banshee types. So, at first all he could think to say to Carrie Ann Inaba was to advise her "Don't worry about it." Or some words to that effect.

Which further aggravated the totally upset Carrie Ann Inaba. Because she was very very worried about it.

As Carrie Ann Inaba worked herself up into ever higher levels of high dungeon, Maks started arguing back, sort of laughing at her ridiculousness.

I really think the producers of DWTS need to instruct Carrie Ann Inaba to dial it back a bit. She makes WAY too big a deal over little stuff.

As for the rest of the night.

Well, Mark Ballas and his girl friend, Bristol Palin, went to Alaska again to see Mark's future in-laws, Sarah and Todd Palin. And his future adopted son, Tick or Trick or Tork, or something like that.

I've actually grown to like Bristol. She seems like a nice girl. But, I can't help but wonder, if Mark and Bristol can't keep their hands and lips off each other when it is live TV, what goes on when the camera goes dim?

And then there is Jennifer Grey. I have never seen Dirty Dancing. Jennifer Grey means nothing to me. I grow tired of her weekly woe, that she miraculously rises above, to astound the judges with her dancing.

I don't mind the Disney kid, Kyle Massey. Never heard of him before he was on DWTS. Likable, funny kid. But I find myself fast forwarding him, along with the football player, Kurt Warner.

So, for me it is Maks and Brandy for the win. Or Bristol and Mark. After the win they can elope to Las Vegas and have themselves a fine honeymoon. I mean that for both Bristol and Mark and Maks and Brandy.


cd0103 said...

Have to disagree with you on this one. When you have 60 seconds to perform, should the first 4 to 8 beats of the song be sitting on the steps. Maks is well known for this, has been marked down in judging for it and still thinks he knows better. Don't get me wrong- I love Maks, but he need to take judges instructions better.

Durango TV said...

cd0103, I get what you're saying. I think it was Carrie Ann saying the Instant Dance thing meant you instantly had to be dancing is what bugging me. And then getting so overwrought over it. While I didn't think anything of them starting the dancing with a little sitting action to set the mood. It was all pretty funny to watch. I had to hit the rewind button a couple times.

Chuck Davis said...

Maks blew it, shoulda shut up!