Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hawaii 5-0: Beautiful Scenery, Bad Acting, Bad Writing Back in Nielsen Ratings Top 20

The premier episode that aired of CBS's re-imagined Hawaii 5-0 classic, managed to be in the Top 20 of the Nielsen Ratings. That episode aired on Monday, September 20, 2010, exactly 42 to the date of the original series's premiere.

Subsequent episodes of the new Hawaii 5-0 disappeared from the Top 20. I suspect due to viewers not being pleased with their first exposure to the new 5-0, due to the bad acting, bad writing and plot points that stretched past my usual ability to easily totally suspend disbelief.

I was a huge fan of 24 and LOST, both requiring the suspension of disbelief in order to enjoy the plot.

Hawaii 5-0 has elements of both 24 and LOST. Steve McGarrett, played by a wooden, glassy-eyed actor named Alex O'Loughlin, has Jack Bauer's invincibility factor, with absolutely none of Jack Bauer's believability and gravitas.

Jin, (Daniel Dae Kim) from LOST, stayed on the island, after the end of LOST, and is now one of the 5-0 team. Jin is not nearly as interesting on Hawaii 5-0 as he was on LOST. His name on 5-0 is not Jin, it is Chin Ho Kelly.

Chin Ho Kelly's cousin, character name, Kono Kalakaua, real name, Grace Park, plays another unbelievable character with super human powers. And is another bad actor. I mean actress.

Danno is played by a teeny, big-headed actor named Scott Caan.  Danno and McGarrett's partner repartee is painful to watch. Very forced. Very unfunny.

I will try and do a short summation of the most recent Hawaii 5-0 episode that I have viewed as an example of how bad this show is.

Guy and wife fight. Guy leaves to cool off. Comes back a short time later to find wife stabbed to death. Picks up murder weapon and runs, thinking the police will suspect him. Leaves behind his little girl. Takes hostages on the USS Missouri, in Pearl Harbor, giving the SWAT team 4 hours to find his wife's killer or he'll kill the hostages.

McGarrett tells the governor's rep he is going to go in alone. Takes off his clothes, puts them in a waterproof bag and swims to get on the boat. I think this plot point must have been written in just to get McGarrett out of his clothes so we could see his hideous tattoos.

McGarrett gets on board. An old deck hand, survivor of Pearl Harbor, finds McGarrett. Says he'll lead him to the hostages and that he is going to help because those were his people. On the way to the hostages McGarrett and the old guy stop and engage in a very long dialogue about December 7, 1941, ending with the old guy telling McGarrett he should be very proud of his grandpa who is entombed in the Arizona. McGarrett, in his wooden way, says he is very proud.

That out of the way, it was on to the hostages. McGarrett becomes one of them, claiming to having been in the bathroom and a member of the crew.

Much anxiety ensues. McGarrett's 5-0 team rummages through the hostage taker's house, the little girl is found. She won't speak. A book written in Russian is found, sent to be translated. The little girl goes with Kona to get shaved ice.

Eventually the little girl speaks, telling Kona some bad man hurt mommy, but it was not daddy. Just then the bad guy who killed mommy somehow shows up. The little girl panics. Kono goes after the guy, but the bad guy's team of bad guy's are so clever they knew that was what going to happen, so they had a car ready to kidnap the little girl away in.

Soon there are various proofs the guy holding the hostages did not do the murder. The killer was the little girl's biological Russian father.

The bad guy does not believe McGarrett that the killer has been found. SWAT is sent in. Much mayhem ensues. But, just as SWAT guns are about to take out the hostage taker, McGarrett jumps on him and diffuses the situation.

As the hostage taker is being taken away, right then Kono drives up with the little girl. McGarrett orders the cuffs off so the guy can go say goodbye to his little girl.

End of story.

Trust me, it was worse in viewing than I can make it sound in writing.

One thing positive I'll say about Hawaii 5-0, I do enjoy watching it for the scenery.

I am not sure if the episode I have described is the most recent episode or not. I watch Hawaii 5-0 courtesy of AT & T U-Verse on Demand. I do know that the most recent episode of Hawaii 5-0 managed to be in the Top 20 of the Nielsen Ratings, again, at #20.

Hawaii 5-0 airs Monday nights on CBS, 9 Eastern Time, 10 Central Time.

Below is a YouTube video of the opening credits of the new version of Hawaii 5-0.  I forgot to mention that in addition to the scenery, I also like the Hawaii 5-0 theme music.....


Caro said...

Ouch.........tell me how you REALLY feel! So sorry you don't care for the new imaging of Hawaii Five-0. I'm a fan from the get-go & more & more people are finding it & enjoying it. It's NOT the original show, never meant to BE the original. The show has so much promise, the chemistry between the characters/actors is wonderful. I hope you will continue to watch the show but be more open minded. I get the feeling you watched the show with a very jaundiced eye and were fighting tooth & nail to NOT like the show. It's ENTERTAINMENT........enjoy it!

Durango TV said...

Caro, I've not seen a new imaging of Hawaii 5-0, I missed that. I did see the new re-imagining of Hawaii 5-0. It is fairly obvious the new version is not the original show, hence that new imagining thing. The original had even worse plots and worse dialogue and bad acting. Steve Lord was one of the most wooden actors of all time. In that sense they've done a good job casting that Alex O'Loughlin guy as the young Steve McGarrett. My mind was wide open when I watched. My eye was totally not jaundiced. It was not my idea of quality ENTERTAINMENT. But the scenery is nice. And if you like the show, more power to you. That is the beauty of TV, there is so much out on the airwaves there is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Andre said...

The worst casting ever, good writing and more but the main actors are so bad I can't watch an entire episode, too bad it could be good

Anonymous said...

Caro shut up that show was bad and alex o is the worst actor ever!! Plus he was never great either. Scott caan is reaaly bad actor al as o but alex and scott are ugly!! The wreting was not great either and i hated lost and 24 was ok but this hawaii five o crap is the worst show and even the old hawaii five was crap!!! Now supernatural is the better show !! thats fot real.

Anonymous said...

Well your a jerk and alex is a dumb actor and.hawii five is a dumb show this blog was boring too!!

Vrinda Kanchan said...

Durango, the original show had better plots than other shows of its time and now. Did you even watch it, or other '70s cops shows? And the actor's name is Jack Lord, not Steve Lord. He was anything but wooden. You can't see or hear properly, and you don't know what wooden means. You're saying Jack didn't make facial expressions or speak in different vocal tones. That shows you don't know what you are talking about.

If have a basic understanding of how to read facial expressions and tones of voice, and bothered to pay attention to Jack when you watched him, if you did at all, then you would not make such ignorant comments. You don't understand anything about the character he played or his environment.

Jack was playing a chief of police on a crime drama. That would require being serious and suppressing emotions, or are you expecting him to laugh and smile all the time? Where would that make sense? Within the larger personality trait of McGarrett being serious and stern, he showed emotions - sadness, fear, kindness, gentility, and love. He showed these emotions when the storyline called for it.