Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Phaedra Has a Baby While Kim is Rumored to Be Having a Baby

You are looking at Kim Zolciak and Lee Najjar, also known as Big Poppa, he being the married man who keeps, or used to keep, kept woman Kim in the style to which she has grown accustomed.

Last week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta we saw Kim hook up with an Atlanta Falcon's Quarterback with a big butt named Kroy Biermann.

I did not see it, but I read that on Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen asked Kim, who was drinking tea, not wine, if the rumors were true about Kim being heavy with child. Some say Kim answered in the affirmative, others indicate the answer was ambiguous. Still others claimed that Kim was looking heavy with child.

Again I did not see this particular episode of Watch What Happens Live. I think my DVR may have it recorded, though.

Now, what were the highlights of this week's episode of RHOA? Well, Kandi had a birthday party where Kim gave Kandi a wig that Kandi, and others, thought looked like a hooker wig.

In a way too long segment, NeNe got a job on Atlanta's Channel 11 TV station, working on some local TV show.

There was a lot of debate about Phaedra's outgoing baby and the short amount of time Phaedra claims the baby had been gestating. With Kim saying it takes 10 months to cook a baby. I'd not heard that medical term before.

If I understand the scandal correctly, Phaedra and Apollo have only been married 6 months, getting hitched soon after Apollo got out of prison. With Phaedra being hugely pregnant, the other housewives all agree there is no way she is only 6, or is it 7, months pregnant.

So, Kandi visits Phaedra in the hospital were labor is being induced, with Phaedra still acting like she has no idea how long she has been heavy with child. The doctor then matter of factly said Phaedra was in her 40th week.

Ooops. Phaedra's mother is there, who just moments before stated her abject disapproval of babies conceived out of wedlock.

Personally I don't get what the big deal is, but it is amusing to watch the ladies go on and on about Phaedra's mysterious pregnancy.

Induced labor did not work, so a Cesarean was needed. Phaedra was quite the drama queen during the process. And then the baby came out, with the doctor showing Phaedra her baby for the first time, with the first words the new born heard from his/her mama being "Ew Gross."

Later, when the baby was all cleaned up Phaedra opined that it looked Chinese and then said she was fairly sure it was her baby because there were no Chinese people in the room. Or something like that.

Back to Kim recent gossip. Supposedly the Big Poppa Sugar Daddy is in money trouble. With electricity in his buildings being turned off. A mall which Lee Najjar owns owes more than $200,000 in overdue power bills, according to Georgia Power officials. Atlanta's Channel 2 Action News also reported that Najjar is behind on his water bill and owes three year's worth of back property taxes totalling $250,000.

This all makes Kim's garage sale make sense. And hooking up with the new Football Quarterback Sugar Daddy with the big butt.

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