Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glee: Never Been Kissed Episode Has Will Kissing Beiste and a Bully Kissing Kurt

Tonight's episode of Glee, titled "Never Been Kissed" has generated publicity due to supposedly making the cast somehow sworn to secrecy over tonight's shocking plot twist.

Well, I have watched the episode. I'm not quite certain what the part was that needed to be kept secret.

We had two people who had never been kissed, getting kissed.

Kurt Hummel was the first to get his first kiss. Kurt was being bullied by a fat bully. Fat bullies are always the worst. Then Kurt met this other gay guy at an all guy school who convinced Kurt to fight back against the bully. When Kurt proceeded to do so, standing up to the bully, the bully kissed him.

Well, that was not too shocking. It isn't much of a newsflash that the more overt the homophobic behavior, the more likely the homophobe is actually a homo-boy wannabe.

This episode of Glee began with Sam and Finn in therapeutic tubs in the locker room. Finn's was hot, Sam's was ice water. When Finn asked how Sam could stand the cold water, Sam shared the information that he gets a lot of practice, due to taking cold showers due to his girl friend, Quinn, not wanting to become overly familiar, in the take your clothes off and do the business that married people do to make babies type of overly familiar.

Finn then shared with Sam his method of cooling himself down. Finn imagines something that is the opposite of HOT. I did not quite catch what this was. I think it had something to do with a mailman.

Sam then had the inspiration to use thinking of Coach Beiste to cool his ardor when it needed cooling.

We were then treated to a series of images of Coach Beiste in various provocative attires, like lingerie.

Soon this method of self control spread to other Glee members. Eventually remarks were made to Coach Beiste.

Beiste then asked the Glee coach, Will Schuester what was going on. Reluctantly he told her. She did not take it well. So, she resigned as coach.

Will and the Glee Cub felt terrible.

Will then had a talk with Coach Beiste where she explained how tough it had been for her lovelife-wise. 40 years old and never been kissed. Just like Susan Boyle. So, Will kissed her. And invited her to the Glee Club, at 4, so the kids could apologize to her.

The apologize was via song. The episode ended with Artie initiating a group hug with the now happy Coach Beiste.

So, was the kiss between Beiste and Will the big secret? Or was it Kurt getting the unwanted lip smacking from the repressed gay bully?

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