Monday, November 8, 2010

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 7: Michael & Kevin Eliminated After Breaking Rules With Nat & Kat !st

I almost recorded all of Sunday night's Episode 7 of Season 17 of The Amazing Race, but a football game pushed the start of The Amazing Race back over an hour.

The recording stopped just when Michael finally completed the Roadblock, fighting with their taxi driver over not having enough money, then trying to find Phil at the Pitstop.

The CBS Amazing Race website now has full episodes available. And so with a little fussing and a few annoying commercials I was able to see Michael & Kevin eliminated from the race.

I liked Michael & Kevin, but they really deserved to get eliminated.

Leaving the Pitstop teams had to find Abtobo Circus. When it opened they found a detour. Either learn to play a song on an accordion or successfully spin 10 plates on a stick. Both seemed quite difficult and there was much frustration.

Jill & Thomas, who left the Pitstop first, gave up on the plate spinning, then gave up on the accordion. I don't remember if they gave up and switched a second time.

The challenging challenges had Thomas, Chad and Nick all back being their boy bitch selves. Just last week we heard Nick say he wasn't going to be mean to Vicki anymore. I guess he really was not that mean, just saying she was a 3rd grade moron, or something like that.

Eventually everyone made it out of the circus. Next it was off for some Russian Mystery, heading to Bank Bridge to find a clue directing them to Vladimirskiy Street Tower, the clue clearly telling the teams they had to walk, no taxi, nor could they pay the taxi to lead them. But they could ask locals for directions.

Michael plead with Kevin to carefully read every word of the clue. But, Kevin did not, thus sealing their elimination doom. They had their taxi lead them. Eventually Michael & Kevin sucked Brook & Claire into their mistake, but Brook & Claire realized their mistake, fixed it and ended up coming in 2nd.

At the tower only one team member could climb the ladder to the top, where all seemed to have a little trouble finding the little figurine that directed them to the Church on Spilled Blood.

I don't know how Michael & Kevin managed to not notice that no one else had their taxi. I think someone even mentioned the walking thing to them.

Nick tricked Kevin as he came down the tower, giving Kevin an erroneous clue. Kevin was sure Nick would not lie because Nick is awesome.

At the Church on Spilled Blood teams found a clue directing them figure out where Peter the Great is buried and to take themselves there. So, it was off to Peter and Paul Fortress where they found a Roadblock, with the Roadblock being a bizarre Russian version of bowling, where you threw a stick at a pile of pins, trying to knock them out of a marked area.

Michael had a lot of trouble with the Russian bowling, Kevin was very frustrated, totally clueless that he had worse troubles ahead than a dad who couldn't toss a stick.

Finally Michael finished and got the Pitstop clue. Leaving only Stephanie of Chad & Stephanie tossing sticks. Stephanie finished. Got the clue. Chad decided they should run to the Pitstop, without getting their bags and paying their taxi driver.

Chad & Stephanie made it to the mat before Michael & Kevin, but were shocked when Phil told them he could not check them in til they settled their taxi bill.

Michael & Kevin then stepped on the mat, thinking they'd narrowly avoided being eliminated, to hear Phil tell them they had incurred 2 penalties, with a 30 minute penalty for each.

Chad & Stephanie paid their bill and made it back to the mat. But when Phil checked them in he informed them that they had broken a rule by taking a taxi from the tower to the Church on Spilled Blood, which resulted in a 30-minute penalty.

But, since Michael & Kevin had 2 penalties and the two teams were the last two to arrive, Phil checked Chad & Stephanie in in 6th place.

And eliminated Michael & Kevin.

This was the 3rd extremely good episode of The Amazing Race in a row.

I forgot to mention, the doctors, Nat & Kat, came in 1st again. I like that pair. Like I already said, Brook & Claire were #2, Nick & Vicki #3, Gary & Mallory #4, Jill & Thomas #5 and you know who came in 6th and 7th.

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