Thursday, November 18, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Jungle Jane Wins Immunity With Brenda Kicked Out of the Tribe

The toughest person on Survivor Nicaragua, and maybe the toughest person in Survivor history is Jane.

Jane of the Jungle. The oldest woman on Survivor.

I don't know how old Jane is. She appears to be anywhere from 65 to 95. With the strength of a teenage Olympic athlete.

Wednesday's episode was, for me, the most enjoyable of the current Survivor.

I liked the make your way to a goal using planks and barrels Reward Challenge. With a helicopter ride and slide down a volcano to a pizza feast reward.

The team that did not win went back to camp where we learned that what shocked the tribe in last week's previews was not Jane and Fabio making whoopee. Instead, their camp had burned down. Not exactly a Survivor first.

We got to see Sash and Brenda doing some crowing about controlling the game. Always a good sign that a comeuppance is coming.

Brenda remarked that Sash and she were the King and Queen of the Jungle. Then she changed that to say that actually she was the King. Which made Sash a Queen. Something Shannon had rudely suggested in, what was it, the second episode?

The Immunity Challenge took strength. Stand on a narrow plank above a shark infested pond and hold onto a series of knot on a rope as you lean back over the tank.

Most fell into the water before they got to the second knot.

Soon it was down to Benry (Ben Henry), Chase and Jane, on the second knot.

Soon Benry fell into the water.

Chase tried to psych Jane out. Jane was a little wobbly. Probst urged her to continue.

Then Chase started fidgeting and either violated the rules by reaching beyond his current knot. Or he simply dropped out. This particular subject is a raging debate on the Internet today.

So, once more, Jane wins Immunity.

And at Tribal Council Brenda learned she is no longer the King of the Jungle. Even the Queen, Sash, voted her out.

Jane is a shoo-in for the million bucks if she makes it to the Final Three. Unless she does something dumb, like break Fabio's heart.

Speaking of Fabio. I can't believe I've grown to like him and find him funny.

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