Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TV Commercials & Dancing With The Stars

Last night I let the DVR record Dancing with the Stars for a half hour before I started watching. Thus enabling the ability to fast forward past DWTS fluff and commercials.

Well. I don't remember when I caught up with the DVR. Maybe an hour in. But, the show broke to commercials. I hit the FF button, but there was no more FF left. So, I watched the commercials.

I have not watched a full commercial since the last Super Bowl.


I found the DWTS commercials more entertaining than DWTS. And I find DWTS entertaining. Commercials, at least on DWTS, have gotten very slick, very fast-paced, very watchable.

I ended up watching Dancing with the Stars to the end, watching I don't know how many commercials. At one point I needed a bathroom break and hit the pause button so that I didn't miss any of the commercials. Now, that is just bizarre.

I think maybe, due to being a top-rated show, the commercials for Dancing with the Stars are likely of a much higher quality than the commercials for other things I watch, like The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I will watch some TV commercials today to see if this was just a one time fluke where I found commercials entertaining.

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