Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Gets Raunchy with the Va-Jay-Jay Monologues

Last night made for 2 amusing episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in a row. Though I did not find myself laughing out loud, like I did the previous week, several times.

You are looking at NeNe in the foreground of the picture, with Phaedra and Kandi looking on, as NeNe shakes her finger at Cynthia's boy friend. I forget his name. He is sort of an annoying older guy, bald, with a gray beard.

Gray Beard annoyed NeNe by opining as to what he thought was the problem in NeNe's marriage. Previously Cynthia had clearly instructed Gray Beard not to bring up this subject.

Gray Beard's faux pas occurred near the end of the episode. Let's back up to the beginning.

At the beginning we see Kim trying to get in a house. Inside the house Kandi, with a group, is running some sort of Internet Podcast. Kim was to be that day's Podcast's guest. The subject matter was quite raunchy. I don't believe we'd seen the raunchy side of Kandi before. Even Kim seemed a bit surprised. Particularly when Kandi brought up something called Beef Lips.

I shan't tell you what Beef Lips is. Suffice to say I could have lived without hearing the Beef Lips discussion.

Kandi being raunchy seemed to be the theme of this episode.

Kandi's 7 year old daughter, Railey or Rainey or something like that, seems wise beyond her years. She may be the most mature lady on the show.

We saw Sheree go to her boyfriend's temporary place where he sort of made her dinner. There were all sorts of red flags going on, most of which Sheree saw and commented on. Sheree's commentary has become very amusing. As is her delivery of the commentary.

For some reason Cynthia had a Mother's Day party to which all the housewives, their spouses and children were invited.

Let's see, Sheree is not married, but once was, and she brought a kid with her to Cynthia's party. I don't think Kandi has ever been married, but she has a kid. Phaedra is married to an ex-con and she is heavy with child, but Phaedra does not know her due date. NeNe is married, but her marriage is one the rocks. NeNe has 2 kids. I think she brought one with her. Cynthia is not married and has no kids. Kim did not show up and also is not married, but does have 2 kids.

How did this show get called Housewives of Atlanta?

At the Mother's Day party, Gray Beard was the only "husband" until Phaedra's ex-con husband, Apollo, showed up. With a Mother's Day gift for his wife, which Sheree found odd, as did I.

The "housewives" proceeded to party outside where more Kandi raunchiness was on display. Apparently Kandi has had her mother on her podcast where a certain well known solo enjoyment device was discussed, with Kandi promising to get her mother one.

The discussion became a sort of Vagina Monologue, with a lot of talk about Va-jay-jays. And new information, for me, about a use of sugar to sweeten a certain spot.

It was all quite unseemly. Particularly to NeNe, who verbalized her opinion, which is what led to Gray Beard opining that the reason NeNe's marriage was on the rocks was due to NeNe's refusal to rock her marital bed with sufficient enthusiasm.

NeNe was pretty much mortified at the entire discussion. But she did take comfort in Kandi's mother's motherly advice.

I'd really grown to not like NeNe. I am back liking her. I am re-assessing what I think about the newly raunchy Kandi. Sheree has really become a lot more likable. Kim has grown to become Reality TV Gold.

As for the new "housewives?" Cynthia seems sensible. Except in her boyfriend choice. And she is amusing. Now Phaedra, she is just an out and out nutcase who is quite funny.

Next week it looks like Kim's tone deafness provides some amusement. And Kandi gets frustrated with her.

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