Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dancing with the Stars: Will a Bristol Win Cause Rioting in the Streets?

In a couple hours the nation will find out if a scandal of Watergate/Teapot Dome proportions has erupted upon the land due to Bristol Palin winning the coveted Dancing with the Stars mirror ball trophy.

Last night, as is the norm, for most of the season, Bristol got the lowest point total from the judges.

Will the vast Right Wing Conspiracy save Bristol again tonight?

I have no idea.

I really do not have any understanding of how the judges' votes are combined with the public's votes and the additional judges' votes from tonight's additional 2 dances, to determine who wins this silly thing.

Personally, I hope Bristol wins. That would provide me the most entertainment. I'm likely projecting what I think on to others, but I think Jennifer Grey has worn out her welcome with the viewers.

And Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough sort of make an unseemly couple. A cougar with her boy toy. While Bristol and Mark make such a cute couple, with only a 4 year age difference.

And was it not nice of Bristol and Mark to take a break from the bedroom, I mean ballroom, and put on some of their clothes to pose for this lovely photo for us?

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