Thursday, November 4, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Tribes Merge, Alina Out, Fabio & Jane Getting Close

By the time the tribe merge thing happens on any given season of Survivor I'm sort of invested in at least a couple of the characters. And there is some sort of plot line.

But, for me, Survivor Nicaragua is being the dullest Survivor in a long time.

In the first post-merge Immunity Challenge, one guy and one girl could win immunity by not letting a pole loose. 90 something Jane won on the girl's side, while 21 year old Fabio/Jud won on the boys. Jane won and then asked Probst if she could continue holding her pole til she beat the boys. Go for it, Probst told her.

So, Jane was the last pole holder. It seems sort of symptomatic of something that an older lady, who must be one of the oldest to ever play Survivor, is also one of the strongest.

Jane is full of spunk and a youthful spirit. Just look at the way she wraps those strong legs of hers around Fabio. I think they be secretly romancing either other once the sun goes down.

Jane is a fish catching machine. And she can make fire without a match. Jane is the cool kid in camp. Everyone wants to be her friend. Except for Marty who wants to be rid of her.

NaOnka continues to be a piece of work. I didn't quite understand her level of umbrage at not getting as big a tortilla as she wanted. She was doing the cooking. Why did she just not set herself aside whatever tortilla she wanted? To vent her umbrage, NaOnka stole the flour and other stuff, while most of her tribemates weren't looking.

The NaOnka the thief plot was sort of an example of how this iteration of Survivor is being. Dumb drama based on dumbness.

Sash and Benry are another pair of deluded dummies. Jane's boyfriend, Fabio, may be the smartest boy on the tribe. I did not know til today that Benry is not Benry's actual name. His actual named is Ben. Last name Henry. So, he calls himself Benry. Even though he is only 24, he seems a tad old to be calling himself Benry.

Well, I think I'm done with Survivor, now, til next week, when Durjo will likely watch again.

Oh, I forgot to mention, it was Alina voted out of the tribe. She was not memorable to me.  So, I didn't care.

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