Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Marty Asked To Leave The Tribe After NaOnka Pitches a Funny Tribal Council Fit

I usually get a bit confused by the time the votes are read at a Survivor Tribal Council.

If I understand it right, no matter how it played out tonight, Marty was doomed.

Marty seemed to have a coherent plot to scare NaOnka into playing her Immunity Idol, with Jane then being voted out.

So, there was some fun in watching Marty being the one to go, what with all his comments about how superior he was to the stupid people who did not know how to play the game.

How come Marty did not ask Sash to return the Hidden Immunity Idol. The subject of Sash returning Marty's Idol didn't even come up.

The look on Marty's face when he realized NaOnka was not playing her Immunity Idol was a good moment of an oh-oh comeuppance.

But, Marty handled the boot with dignity. Though he seemed way too cockily sure of himself prior to that.

As for the Tribal Council.

NaOnka is Reality TV Character GOLD. I do not recollect the F-Bomb being exploded by someone at a Tribal Council before. Plus NaOnka's double middle finger salute had to be blurred out. Along with other random bleeping

Jeff Probst looked just a bit flabbergasted, at times, and said he was speechless at one point.

I am really liking Jud/Fabio. He is the youngest on the Tribe, and yet, somehow, sometimes, seems the most mature.

There was a very funny dialogue midway through the episode, between Fabio and Benry (Ben Henry) that went something like Benry suggesting they just play stupid, with Fabio saying it's easy to play stupid, but that he doesn't like to have to. It was funnier than I'm making it sound.

I felt for Jane in the Reward Challenge. When in picking the teams, it randomly, accidentally became the girls vs. the boys, I figured there'd be a problem if there was a physical component to the challenge. There was. The girls had trouble plowing through sticks and brick walls. While the boys plowed through like bulls.

Due to an imbalance in numbers, Chase had to sit out the challenge, but he got to pick which team he was rooting for. If that team won, Chase got to go on the reward with them. Which in this case was a zip-line trek through the Nicaraguan jungle, with a BBQ and other goodies, plus beer feast after the ziplining.

Chase picked the girls to win. He thus did not get BBQ or ziplining.

The Immunity Challenge seemed very easy. With Brenda being the one to win. Probst showed a series of symbols, in order. The Survivors had a cube with the symbols on it. Show the correct symbol and you don't get eliminated. The symbols were things like 'ship,' 'anchor,' 'dagger,' 'pistol, 'flag,' 'cannon.' I can't remember what they all were. But all you had to do was remember them by letter, in order. Turning it into 's, a, d, p, f.'  How hard is it to remember 5 or 6 letters in order?

I felt bad for Fabio's girl friend, Jane. I like Jane. But that Immunity Challenge was tough stuff for a 90 something gal. Jane did real well for about two-thirds of the challenge and then she turned into a limp dishrag.

Anyway, I'm still not loving Survivor Nicaragua. I'm not really quite sure why.

Next week's previews show the Survivors being horrified, mortified and absolutely petrified over something they are looking down at.

The only thing I can figure is they came upon Jane and Fabio making whoopee in the jungle.

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