Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8: Sabrina Leaves Hell's Kitchen

It was down to 6 chefs left, Sabrina, Nona, Jillian, Gail, Russell and Trevor.

Sabrina did not have a good night at the dinner service part of Hell's Kitchen.

But, I thought it was the thoroughly bad Trevor who should have been told to take off his jacket and leave. Or 2 of the other girls, those being Nona or Gail. Even though Nona was not bad this episode, clearly she can't win this thing.

Even if Trevor was not a worse chef than Sabrina, he certainly did not provide as much entertainment fodder as Sabrina.

I don't think Trevor had any of the cooking highs that Sabrina had. And he sure seemed to have lower lows than Sabrina.

The Amuse Bouche competition that led off the episode was amusing. Sabrina went all gaga over one of the chefs doing the judging. The chefs got scored for presentation and taste. Russell scored all perfect 10s for the win. He took 2nd place Gail along for the reward. A visit to the place the winning chef gets to run, The LA Market.

Trev got last place with his Amuse Bouche, even though he thought the judges were going to love his frog legs. That delusion was shattered when one judge remarked it looked as if the frog leg had been run through a blender.

Before dinner service time, Chef Ramsay taunted the chefs with a suitcase full of the $250,000 they get if they win Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service did not start off well. Sabrina burned her risotto. Gail messed up her scallops. Which seems to be a constant problem. Trev overcooked spaghetti. Then Scott scolded Trevor for yelling at Sabrina, which did not end the Sabrina/Trev bickering.

When Gail screws up the first dish order, Chef Ramsay screamed at the chefs about their lack of teamwork. After that most seemed to start cooking better.

Except for Sabrina, who was now messing up salads by forgetting dressing. With Gail still not getting fish right. And then Russell topped the bad cooking with a raw Beef Wellington.

Chef Ramsay had another of his patented fits, after which the cooking improved.

Until Russell once more undercooked some more beef.

At that point Chef Ramsay had an apoplectic fit and kicked everyone out of the kitchen.

After dinner service was over Ramsay lined up the chefs to hector them some more, told them all to take off their jackets and go up to the dorm and pick two to be eliminated.

A little arguing took place in the dorm. Back downstairs, Sabrina told Ramsay that she and Trevor had been picked for elimination. Arguing to stay in Hell's Kitchen Sabrina insisted she never made the same mistake twice. Sabrina suggested it should be Gail who should go home.

Instead, Ramsay kicked Sabrina out of Hell's Kitchen.

I think Gail would have been a better choice to go too. Or Nona. Or Trevor.

Is this the worst group of chefs yet for Hell's Kitchen? I can't imagine any of them are competent enough to run a big fancy top of the line restaurant like that LA Market place.  Of the remaining 5, it seems there are only 2 who possibly could be the Final Two.

Russell and Jillian. And both have some serious problems

Sabrina would have made for much better TV for the finale


Anonymous said...

I just watched this episode on Hulu. I agree that none of these cooks (not CHEFS) are acting like they could run a large, professional, up-scale kitchen. So they're not really looking for the best, they're keeping the people who will keep the show interesting. Otherwise I think Trevor would have been gone a long time ago.

It's hard to remember how bad some of the early rejects were. Remember Raj? Incredible that he even got on the show in the first place but, again, it was to add to the drama (or, in his case, comedy), not because he knew how to cook.

Anonymous said...

sabrina likes lentils. Therefore, I liked sabrina. too bad she left. So young, so talented, and not well respected, but a really good cook.

Anonymous said...

Sabrina needs her teeth kicked in. She's a know-it-all, ghetto bitch, and I swear to god, she's the only girl I'll actually punch out.

Anonymous said...

Occassionally I watch these on Youtube-- by show 5 I have nausea. The theatrics are more and more over the top. I watch this as both a sous chef and RN. Raj had to be an actor--if not, it was cruel to put a delusional, paranoid schizophrenic up for public criticism.

I'm thinking that Sabrina is a duel major--theater and culinary. She has some food background...she's there to tweak everyone into utter frustration. About 30 minutes into an Estage she's be shown the door (and that's sans the heels) if she was really like this.

It's too bad that GR isn't in a school teaching...he's gifted, engaging and thoughtful. His talent is being wasted being a parody of himself.