Friday, November 26, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Having A Baby With Kroy Biermann The Big Poppa

So, the rumors were true. Kim Zolciak is pregnant. And the baby daddy is the guy we saw Kim hit on in the episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta previous to the most recent episode, due to her attraction to the guy's butt.

The guy with the special butt is an Atlanta Falcon Quarterback named Kroy Biermann.

The news that Kim was pregnant was about to come out in a magazine called Life & Style, so Kim make the Baby Announcement on her Bravo Real Housewives of Atlanta Blog, saying....

"This has been one of the biggest weeks of my life. I performed "Google Me" on WWHL for the first time and Kroy and I were happy to announce that we are expecting our first child together (my third his first)! And how great was the timing? Just a week ago, you ALL saw him on the show for the first time. God clearly had a BIGGER little plan for us. This is the third happiest time of my life, thank you for all the support."

I watched the WWHL (What What Happens Live) episode to which Kim refers. Kim was drinking tea. Due to Kim's usual drink of choice being wine, and due to the rumors of an incoming baby being cooked, Andy Cohen asked Kim if she was pregnant.

Kim indignantly took umbrage, asking Andy if he thought she looked fat. Then claiming that the tea drinking was due to Kandi telling her to drink tea, rather than wine, to help improve Kim's pathetic singing voice.

Andy also asked about Big Poppa (Lee Najjar) and Kim also took umbrage, in a good-natured way, to that question. I did not quite catch exactly what Kim said, but it was to the drift that Big Poppa was no more.

Which makes sense, what with Kim being knocked up by the football player and with Kim saying they are being quite happy together. Kim said Kroy texted her the night we saw Kim meet him. Kim did not say how long it was before she had a closeup personal encounter with that butt about which she was so enamored.

Andy also asked Kim the odd question of which, if any, of the Housewives Kim would dip into the Lady Pond with. Kim said none, that she was done dipping into the Lady Pond.

So, is Kim marrying the Baby Daddy? No word on that that I've heard.

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