Friday, November 19, 2010

Bristol Palin Winning Dancing With The Stars Will Not Be A National Tragedy

I am finding it to be extremely stupid all the Sturm and Drang Yammering over Bristol Palin making it to the Final Three on Dancing with the Stars, as if this were some sort of American National Tragedy of Scandalous Proportions.


There are idiots out there who think Bristol and her mother have orchestrated a voting campaign for Bristol. First off, is Bristol's mother bright enough to organize such a thing? And her motivation would be? And it is kept secret how?

In various Internet TV forums, debates rage over the horrendous miscarriage of justice that sent Brandy and Maks home and kept Bristol and Mark dancing.

Such fevered passion over something so trivial. One guy in the Midwest, was it Wisconsin? Shot up his TV, or threw a shoe at it. I think a SWAT team was called.

People get so worked up over Bristolgate, something that matters not a whit in the vast scheme of things, with nary a peep over the upcoming execution of innocent Troy Davis. No raging debate over House ethics woes, most recently on display with Charlie Rangel. No raging debate and shooting TVs over the ridiculous deficit spending, the over the top partisanship in Washington, D.C., the continuing tanked economy and all the myriad other woes that actually matter.

Okay, there is a bit of upset over the TSA's recent decision to closely examine the private parts of people wanting to board an American commercial airliner.

Now, here is my take on the Bristol/Dancing with the Stars phenomenon. First off, I am not a fan of her mom. But, I do find Bristol's mom to be amusing. I was appalled when John McCain picked her for VP. I cringed when Katie Couric interviewed her. I'm amazed she remains a national figure. But, I do find it amusing.

I, like many, thought it a very cynical move, on the DWTS's producer's part, to ask Bristol to dance. She was not a celebrity.

She is now.

The pre-hype had Bristol saying she would not wear anything skimpy.

I was prepared to dislike her.

But, what turned out to be the reality? For Bristol's first dance she came out like such a severe librarian even her mother said she was playing the conservative card too hard. And then Bristol ripped off that outfit to reveal a shimmering red, skimpy number.

This was not the Bristol of viewer's expectations.

And then, as the week's went by, we got to know Bristol. And grew to like her. Even her mother seemed more likable. At least to me.

And we saw Bristol working hard at learning the dancing. Something I know, no matter how much time you gave me, I could never learn to do. Americans of all types respect seeing someone trying hard and getting better at it.

It was easy for viewers to identify with Bristol. She was not an entertainer. She was just an ordinary American girl thrust into the spotlight as a result her mother's ambitions.

And then we learned that when Bristol got the DWTS call, she drove herself to Los Angeles, in her little pickup, in 5 days. A lot of people picked up on that little fact.

So, I'm thinking it is highly likely that Bristol has been the top vote getter for weeks now. The show's producers put her in the bottom two for dramatic effect. Clearly saying, each week, that the bottom two are not necessarily the actual bottom two.

Now, am I motivated enough by the whole Bristol thing to bother voting for her? No. I don't know how to do that, never have, can't imagine ever doing so, not for this show, not for American Idol.

But, millions do bother. I know I'd rather see Bristol win rather than Jennifer Grey, who during the run of the show has grown ever less likable.

Summing up, I do not think Bristol Palin being in Dancing with the Stars Final 3 is the result of a vast right wing conspiracy. I think it's the result of a good example of All American Spunk and Americans liking what they see.

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