Friday, November 26, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8: Episode 12: Gail Takes Her Jacket Off & Gets Out of Hell's Kitchen

This current iteration of Hell's Kitchen is being the oddest since this series started. In all previous seasons of HK there have been a few competent chefs.

On this season it's like the chef criteria that got you cast was the degree of potential entertainment value, not potential chef value.

How else do you explain casting a nutcase like Raj?

Or Trevor. Who has somehow managed to make it to the Final Four, along with Russell, Jillian and Nona.

Gail Novenario was a total basket case in this week's dinner service, which got her kicked out of the kitchen and then out of Hell's Kitchen. Gail had gotten off to such a good start on the episode, winning a challenge by making the most popular lunch cart special, which got her a makeover and new wardrobe. In the end, Gail seemed happier about the makeover than sad about getting the boot.

Paris Hilton and a group of Marines were among the people in Hell's Kitchen for whom Gail had trouble cooking.

Trevor really can not seem to cook anything correctly. And yet he is still there, spouting delusions and burning beef. Trevor was up for elimination, along with Gail. I thought Trevor would be the one to go, as he seems much worse than the terrible Gail.

Jillian had seemed fairly competent, til the most recent episode where we learned that, apparently, she had never cooked a fish product before, requiring Russell to come to the rescue over and over again.

And then there is Nona. She seems to have gotten more and more competent as the show has progressed.

But, of the 4 remaining, the only one who seems even remotely believable as possibly being able to run a kitchen like the one in that fancy LA Market place, is Russell. And he has not been without some doozy mistakes.

I'm thinking that maybe what is going to happen is Chef Ramsay decides none of them are worthy of winning.

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