Monday, November 15, 2010

Dancing With The Stars With a Lot of Sarah Palin & Todd

We saw more of Sarah Palin tonight on Dancing with the Stars than in all her previous appearances, or so it seemed to me. And husband Todd spoke. I do not recollect hearing husband Todd speak before.

Sarah and Todd were in the audience tonight to watch the live romance, I mean dance, between daughter Bristol and Mark Ballas.

Bristol seemed, to me, to have greatly improved this week, with both dances. And she got her highest scores ever. Still at the bottom, though.

Jennifer Grey was a bit less annoying tonight. She got six 10s. Making her the top score getter.  Both Kyle Massey and Brandy got perfect scores on one dance. I don't know who ended up with the most points between Kyle and Brandy, because I offed the TV before I was given that information.

Before the second dance, for each dancer, there were little bio packets telling the dancer's story. I actually watched all of them. I found each to be interesting.

Kyle's family took a big gamble to get him from Atlanta to Hollywood, but they were almost ready to give up and go back to Atlanta when they got a call. You really can not help but like this kid.

Jennifer Grey has had even more bad stuff happen than we've already been told about. A car wreck with then boyfriend Matthew Broderick over in Ireland. That is where the neck problem came from. The most interesting thing I learned, from Jennifer's bio package, was that that guy who sits next to Jamie Lee Curtis is Jennifer's husband.

Brandy's family and friend's painted her as one tough cookie who has had some struggles, including a fatal car accident. I have grown to like Brandy.

And then there is Bristol. The most interesting thing in the Bristol bio package was Bristol saying she got the call from Dancing with the Stars, instantly agreed to do it, then took off in her pickup and drove 5 days to get to Los Angeles. Now, I have driven from Washington to California. Easily doable in 2 days. Wasilla, Alaska to LA in 5 days? Driving solo? This is one spunky single mom. With good tires.

I was surprised at how open the Palin's and Bristol were about her getting knocked up by Levi Johnston. The term "knocked up" was used by Bristol. Sarah used the term "baby hump."

I am guessing that, even though she had the fewest judges' points, that Bristol will not be sent home tomorrow night. Mark Ballas said he's been hearing people say that the reason Bristol keeps surviving is because of her mom's popularity and the Tea Party People. Mark insisted it was, instead, people connecting to Bristol's  ordinary person story. Methinks it may be a combo of the two. Then again, tonight I read that Sarah Palin's negative numbers have never been higher. As in, she is starting to back up on more and more people.

All My Children's Susan Lucci was in the audience tonight. Is Erica Kane considering being on Dancing with the Star? That might be amusing if she brought her Erica Kane personality.

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