Monday, November 8, 2010

CBS & The NFL Ruined My Sunday Night Popcorn and Viewing of The Amazing Race

The NFL and CBS ruined The Amazing Race for me again last night.

Sunday night, I let the DVR get about a half recorded, popped me up some popcorn and turned on the TV.

Due to football games running long I have the DVR settings for The Amazing Race set to record for 3 hours.

Last night when I hit the play button I saw football on the screen. Game not over. Usually it is seeing 60 Minutes that tells me the football game ran long, with the Fast Forward button quickly getting me to The Amazing Race.

But, not last night.

I  can understand, maybe, on very rare occasions, having some special event wreak havoc with regular programming. But not over and over again, like what happens on Sunday nights with The Amazing Race.

It seems like this type thing would be counter-productive for CBS. The networks seem to try real hard to motivate viewers to watch their shows. It seems counter-intuitive to then have the shows not show up at their appointed time.

On previous seasons of The Amazing Race the CBS website did not have an online viewing option. Maybe that has changed.

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