Monday, October 19, 2009

Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream Album Cover

Britain's Got Talent runner-up and worldwide singing sensation, Susan Boyle's first album won't be released until November 24, but it is already a hit, spending months being at the top of's best seller list.

Judging from the album cover Susan Boyle's ongoing makeover process appears to be moving smoothly along.

I've not seen it, but the September issue of Harper's Bazaar has a photo spread of Ms. Boyle's makeover, with photos taken by Hugh Stewart, including the photo on the album cover.

I don't know if Susan Boyle's debut album will have any original music. I do know she will being singing some of the Monkee's, Madonna's and the Rolling Stone's hits.

Susan Boyle singing "Like a Virgin?" "Satisfaction?" "I'm not your Stepping Stone?" "Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown?"

I have not bought a record album in this century. I may have to get Susan Boyle's.

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