Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Amazing Race: Zev & Justin Eliminated in Cambodia After Zev Loses His Passport

Zev & Justin got were eliminated from The Amazing Race on Sunday. They made it to the Phnom Penh, Cambodia pitstop in first place. And then Phil told the pair that they could not check in without their travel documents. Zev & Justin then emptied out their backpacks searching for the missing passport. I was amazed at how much stuff those boys were carrying.

Zev & Justin did not ask Phil how he knew they were missing the one thing you must have. Why would they go rummaging through all the stuff they were carrying looking for it? Made no sense to me.

It was Zev's passport that was lost. Zev has Asperger's Syndrome. Justin is well aware of Zev's Syndrome. I have known a person with Asperger's. People with that syndrome are constantly losing and forgetting stuff. One would think that Justin would have kept Zev's passport for safekeeping.

After looking through everything in their backpack, Zev & Justin called their taxi driver, Thierry, they'd befriended. Where did they get a phone? How did they know Thierry's phone number? Thierry returned and took the pair back to the Roadblock location where no passport was found. Thierry then took them back to the Pitstop where Phil eliminated them from the race.

The Poker Pair, Maria & Tiffany, came in last. Sam & Dan became team #1 after the Zev & Justin malfunction. The Harlem Globetrotters, Flight Time & Big Easy were team #2.

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Anonymous said...

You ain't gonna believe this, Durango: a friend who had just returned from visiting Cambodia said she rode in a taxi driven by a strange sounding but Americam Taxi driver named Terry. He wasn't very talkative and seemed to always be searching for something everywhere he drove. Here's the weirdest part: she had a connecting flight somewhere and sat next to a guy named Zev who didn't look hardly Jewish at all and was constantly listening to and muttering some kind of English language lesson tapes. Strange!!