Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flipping Out With Jeff Lewis, Jenny & Deb

The other day I was watching a re-run on Bravo, of what I don't remember, but while watching the show I don't remember I thought to myself that most of my favorite TV shows are on Bravo.

Top Chef, some of the Real Housewives, Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List, I'm probably forgetting one or two. And then there's Flipping Out. After watching last night's episode (Tuesday @ 10/9C on Bravo) I thought to myself that Flipping Out is my favorite Bravo show.

The characters on Flipping Out are so funny together it's like a scripted sit-com at times. Not a reality show. Some of the stuff Jeff Lewis comes up with. Like this episode's punishment for making a mistake. Jenny and new girl, Sarah, had to wear a big, white smock all day. I didn't quite get how this was much of a punishment, but it was funny.

Jeff teaching his ex-partner Ryan's kid, 3 year old Chloe, to say things like "chardonnay" when asked what she'd like to drink and Hooters when asked where she wanted to work when she grew up, was funny. Well, typing it it doesn't seem all that funny, but watching it, it was.

Season 3 of Flipping Out is being interesting due to Jeff no longer flipping houses due to the economy tanking. Watching Jeff have to deal with clients and bad contractors has been amusing.

Like the incompetent Vlad. Jeff paid Vlad too much in advance, or so he says, and can't fire him. Vlad looks like he could get scary if the cameras weren't on him to keep him in check.

Jeff's un-paid intern, Trace, is an interesting one. Jeff only learned, in this episode, that he'd be grading Trace. Trace is in college. Where in the LA zone, I don't know. Last week Trace wore way too shorts to work which resulted in some amusing Jeff Lewis lines.

I like how feisty Zoila, the housekeeper, has become. Next week it appears that Zoila has problems with the houseboy, Jett. I don't quite get why Jeff Lewis needs a Jett. I wonder how much the job pays?

On this week's episode we learned that when Jeff wants to get tough with a difficult person he has Jenny, who is an aspiring actress, which was a big issue this week, with Jeff accusing Jenny of not giving him her full attention, even though she has been doing so for almost a decade. Anyway, Jeff has Jenny assume a alter ego identity named Deb. Deb is a real tough talking, straight forward, blunt, no-nonsense gal who quickly shapes up whover she is calling.

But, isn't the Deb trick done with now that it has been exposed on TV?

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