Friday, October 30, 2009

Survivor Samoa: Liz Voted Out of Foa Foa

The sun came out, finally, on this week's Survivor. But it didn't shine favorably on Liz or Foa Foa. Foa Foa lost twice, with Liz losing 3 times by being the one voted off the island.

There were a few amusing moments. Like the Galu boys plotting to bring Shambo on to their side, so they'd have a majority over the girls. So, they decided to turn Shambo into a boy by making her their new tribal leader.

Shambo is one of those harmlessly clueless sorts. Upon her surprise election Shambo gave a short speech about her devotion to her tribe, saying "I will honestly, honestly, honestly do my due diligence to not be bossy, cause you can't really be a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and not have an expectation when you say something things will happen."

That was inspiring.

The reward challenge was a Survivor staple, a version of Concentration. A tribe member lifts up a lid, sees an item, then lifts another lid, trying to find a match. Get a match, get a point. But if you would like to keep the item, if you win the challenge, you can do that, but not get a point.

The winners get taken to a big boat for a big feeding. The only item I can remember being kept is Brett opting to keep a tarp wrapped around a fire starting kit, after Laura made the match. Brett was acting as temporary tribe leader. Smart choice. His team won the challenge. And the tarp.

Shambo sent Laura over to Foa Foa saying she wanted to keep her men strong by getting them a good feeding. Once Laura was over at Foa Foa she was an easy target for the manipulation master Russell to turn into his new best friend.

Liz got mad listening to Natalie and Laura making non-stop religious chatter while she struggled to get the fire going.

Then it was on the the Immunity Challenge. Paddle out to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces using a pole and hook. Foa Foa was doing fairly well, but in the end they failed again, making them one of the worst tribes in Survivor history. Jaison pretty much gave up on putting the puzzle together while the Galu tribe worked well together.

Anyway, another slightly entertaining episode of Survivor.

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