Friday, October 23, 2009

Survivor Samoa: Russell Provides Jeff Probst His Scariest Moment Ever on Survivor

The Samoa Season of Survivor is being a very odd one. I think it's the most rain I've seen on Survivor. The ocean is the wildest I've seen. And the challenges have gotten way too physical.

Last night the combo Reward/Immunity Challenge had the season's second challenge victim. And no immunity.

Russell, the leader of Galu, who can't make fire, collapsed after being guided, blindfolded, by Laura in a ball being pushed by Russell and Erik. It was Liz in the ball for Foa Foa, being pushed by the other Russell and Jaison.

At the end of the ball pushing, the two in the balls had to direct the blindfolded working a ball through a table maze.

Russell was so disoriented he wanders over to the Foa Foa table. When Russell got to his table he collapses. Probst stops the challenge and calls in the medical team.

Before the challenge Probst told the tribes that they were playing for pizza, but there would be no immunity this week. Both tribes, win or lose, would go to Tribal Council, together, where each would vote out a member. This has never been done on Survivor before and I did not get the purpose.

So, after some scrambling, on both tribes, they head to Tribal Council where Jeff informs them that Russell is out of the game, and that, "It was the scariest moment I ever had on this show. 19 seasons, I have never been more afraid in my life at how bad things were."

The 13 sat there, the usual Probst questioning takes place. But he never said "It's time to vote." There was a lot of whining about the miserable weather. And then Jeff gives them some good news. Nobody would be voted out.

The 2 tribes headed back to their flooded camps, without losing a member.

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