Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Survivor Samoa: Yasmin Leaves The Tribe While Shambo Loses A Chicken

Survivor Samoa was not in the Top 20 of the Nielsen Ratings last week. Has that happened before? Survivor was in the Top 10 the first couple weeks, if I remember right. Does this ratings drop portend the end of Survivor?

I think I know why viewers may be bailing on the show. After so many years watching evokes a been there seen that feeling in me. Retrieve puzzle pieces by crossing some obstacle. First team to correctly put the puzzle together wins whatever, immunity or reward.

Having said that, this week's OK Corral stand-off between three members of each tribe was different, facing each other from opposite sides of a big circle, waiting for Jeff Probst to show up. Then a chain reaction having a rush to a crate marked "Reward" and a Treasure Chest. The Treasure Chest had the directions to the challenge. Throw balls at a stake in the center of the. Team closest wins reward.

Galu won the chickens, With Foa Foa pouting about losing again. Shambo appointed herself chicken coop keeper and proceeded to talk chicken to the birds, then letting one loose while retrieving an egg. This led to an amusing Chicken Chase with Shambo verbalizing shock that birds can fly and Eric running and getting clotheslined by the clothesline. Despite an awful lot of effort the bird remained free.

Two Hidden Immunity Idols have now been found. Russell finding the first one seemed very hokey. I think that might have been a turn off point for a lot of viewers.

After Shambo gave up the Hidden Immunity Idol clues to Eric and John, Eric easily found it while John snoozed.

This week Foa Foa finally won an Immunity Challenge. But, unlike previous weeks, no one from the winning tribe, Foa Foa, was sent to Galu to observe the opposing tribe.

At the Tribal council we heard Galu member Brett speak for the first time. I only noticed Brett this week. I think I thought John and Brett were the same person. Then John grew a beard, while Brett's face stayed bald and I finally realized they were two different people.

In the end it was a near unanimous ouster of Yasmin. She grated on other's nerves due to their belief she did not help out around camp. Yasmin believed she needed to save her energy for challenges, where she felt she was valuable. Shambo was the only one not to vote for Yasmin. Shambo voted to oust Monica for being a slow poke getting across a rope bridge.

Survivor needs to figure out some different type locations than tropical islands. I don't, maybe the isolated state of Washington coast during summer? How about Iceland near some hot springs so you'd still get swimming suit footage and a lot of miserable cold when not in the hot springs?

And what ever happened to Exile Island?

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