Friday, October 16, 2009

Survivor Samoa: Ashley Kicked Out of the Tribe in Monsoon Downpour

One more gone on Survivor Samoa. The Foa Foa tribe lost yet again to Galu. There was no opportunity to scheme and plot who got the boot due to a monsoon rain keeping the tribe huddling under what passes for shelter for them. Somehow, in the end, it was a near unanimous decision that it was Ashley's time to go. And so she did.

The stormy weather added something more interesting than the norm this episode. The ocean grew a bit wild, causing some to wonder if a hurricane was blowing in. Being soaked and cold had the Galu girls realizing it would have been better to have chosen the practical items, like a water-proof tarp, than pillows and blankets, at a previous Reward Challenge.

Speaking of Reward Challenges. This week's was my least favorite Survivor staple, that being the eat disgusting food challenge. It is way too much like Fear Factor. In the latest version Probst spun a Roulette Wheel with disgusting food on it, which Probst blends into a Samoa Smoothie. One Survivor from each tribe goes up against one from the other tribe. If the Survivor drank the entire drink the team gets a point. First team to get 5 points gets the reward of a lot of meat products.

The 5th pairing had Ashley drinking for Foa Foa. She could not do it. She ran off and vomited. Galu was happy to get the meat and happy to send Shambo back to Foa Foa. Shambo was not happy about this, missing out on all that meat. Russell later said she lost their chicken, she deserved no meat. Or something like that.

Russell had a lot of trouble getting a fire started so the meat could be cooked. Russell got way to cranky when advice was offered by Dave. After some bickering Russell gave up and Dave started the fire quite easily.

I think I've seen the Immunity Challenge before. They all sort of blend together for me. A girl and boy from each tribe holds on to a rope that is tethered to a net. The rest of the tribe members take turns trying to throw coconuts into the net, making it heavier and heavier. The Galu team held out longer and won.

Which led to Ashley going home.

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