Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: Tennile Goes Home

Chef Gordon Ramsay told Tennile to take off her jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen last night, leaving Dave, Kevin and Ariel as the final 3.

The episode started off funny with a Mini Chef Ramsay telling the chefs to make 80 portions in one hour of a stunning vegetarian dish.

The hour was not quite up when Mini Chef lead 80 screaming brats into Hell's Kitchen. The kid's picked Tennile's as the favorite, with her reward being a make over in Beverly Hills, followed by sushi lunch at a place called Nobu.

The other three's punishment was to clean up the mess left by all those kids.

Almost as soon as Hell's Kitchen opens, Tennile cooks scallops badly. Then Dave collapses in pain when he lifts a heavy plate of lamb with his broken arm. He yelps out in pain and stumbles out of the kitchen. Ramsay makes sure Dave is okay and soon Dave is back cooking.

Everything is going well and then Tennile has trouble cooking halibut. Her confidence is shot. Ramsay bucks her up with a pep talk and then Tennile is back sending out good fish.

Dinner service over, Ramsay voices concern over Dave's arm. And then turns to Tennile. The chefs did not have to discuss and nominate who should go home. Ramsay simply told Tennile her time was up. He was very nice about it. And Tennile was very gracious, with tears running down her cheeks. Tennile grew on me week by week.

The remaining 3 go back to the dorms, ready to celebrate, but Dave answers a call from Ramsay who says there is more business to attend to and orders them back to Hell's Kitchen. The 3 line up and brace themselves for something Hellish. Instead Chef Ramsay congratulates them and brings in 2 loved ones for each. Dave's sister and his fiancee, who got a big kiss from Dave. The fiancee looked like she'd be interesting to see more of. Kevin was real happy to see his wife and son. And Ariel hugged her mom and gave her fiancee a kiss.

It would have been interesting to see who Tennile's 2 loved ones would have been.

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