Friday, October 23, 2009

Top Chef Las Vegas: Restaurant Wars--Laurine Packs Her Knives & Goes

Laurine Wickett was the main fatality of this week's Top Chef Restaurant Wars. Laurine was the front of the house for her restaurant, Mission. She did not do very well at that job. Nor at what she cooked. Her entire restaurant did not do well with the cooking.

In the Quickfire Challenge knives were drawn. Six blank. Two not blank. The not blank knives were drawn by Michael Voltaggio and Jennifer Carroll. They took turns picking a team. Michael chose his brother, Bryan, Eli and ended up with Robin. Jennifer picked Kevin, the other Michael and Laurine.

Jennifer's team won the Quickfire and $10,000. Padma then told them they could let the 10K ride and if they won Restaurant Wars they'd each get 10K. They let it ride.

The cooking took place at Mandalay Bay. Jennifer's team got to pick what restaurant they wanted. They chose an upscale one, leaving Michael's team with a downscale one. Michael's team decided REVolt was a clever name. The revolting food connotation did not cross their minds. The name came from (Ro)bin E)li (Volt)aggio. VoltRE would have worked better.

Both kitchens were very intense. Michael ran his kitchen very efficiently. Michael and Bryan did some heavy duty bickering this episode. Michael also had a bad run-in with Robin over her pear dessert.

The Mission team decided not to make dessert, due to the Restaurant Wars dessert curse. REVolt decided to flaunt the curse and do two desserts. In the end, REVolt made pretty much nothing but good decisions.

Michael gets a lot of face time. He's gradually seeming to have a likable personality. Brother Bryan is way too intense. The judges' pretty much raved about the REVolt food, including the desserts. I don't think they liked anything at the Mission restaurant.

In the end, Michael won Restaurant Wars. Padma gave him the 10K that Jennifer's team had let ride. Michael asked Padma if he could split the money with his team. It's your money Padma told him. Back in the Stew Room, Robin effusively thanked Michael while Bryan told Michael he could keep Bryan's share. More bickering.

I have an annoying brother, so I know what that's like. I can't imagine being stuck in the heat of a kitchen with him.

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