Friday, October 16, 2009

Marge Simpson Continues to Stir Hearts With Her Playboy Photos

Marge Simpson's decision to pose in Playboy magazine continues to be a hot topic. New photos of Marge from the magazine are now floating around the Internet as you can see here.

I think the Marge Simpson photos are very tasteful, much more so than some I've seen in this particular magazine.

Apparently Hugh Hefner, he being the guy who started Playboy magazine over a half a century ago with the first cover girl being someone named Marilyn Monroe. If you have a copy of that Playboy and it is in mint condition, it is worth a small fortune.

Regarding Hugh's current pinup girl who is generating so much buzz, Hugh said, “Marge Simpson is the quintessential girl next door who stole our hearts 20 years ago and has held them captive ever since. We were delighted to learn she wanted to grace the pages of our magazine. Her pictorial is truly stunning.”

I still have not heard how much Marge was paid to be in Playboy. Levi Johnston says he was paid enough to buy a house for his work with Playgirl. I don't know if he means it was a down payment or a trailer in Alaska, or what.

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