Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Finale

The second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta finale was Thursday. The Atlanta girls were not as entertaining as when I first met them. Well, except for Kim, for me she continues to deliver gems.

In the finale we learned that Kim's extra large frontal assets are store bought. I don't recollect this being mentioned by Kim before. Those girls sure seemed to appear more prominently this season.

All the fighting over nothing was very tiresome to watch. Usually that type thing is where a lot of the entertainment comes from on a reality show. But that was not the case, here, for the most part.

I liked NeNe when I met her in the first season. By the end of the finale I'd decided NeNe's needs are warped. When she confronted sweet-natured Kandi at Sheree's She by Sheree thing, over the previous confrontation, both of which were caused by some twisted thinking on NeNe's part, NeNe told Kandi that she felt Kandi owed her an apology.

An apology for what? is what Kandi and I were thinking. Kandi said some response to the NeNe apology demand and then NeNe went into Shrieking Banshee mode. NeNe seems to have a bizarre fixation about people talking about her behind her back. That seemed to be what she was accusing Kandi of. That seems to be what NeNe accuses everyone of.

Earlier we saw yet one more Kim and NeNe final confrontation. Apparently in a confrontation previous to the latest final confrontation NeNe choked Kim a couple times, with NeNe claiming Kim had touched her inappropriately. None of the choking confrontation was filmed. But, Kim supposedly filed a police report over the alleged attack. NeNe denied touching Kim, called her a liar and stormed off.

From what we've seen of NeNe of late it does not take a great leap of imagination to picture her choking Kim. That and she pretty much admitted to Dwight that she'd hit Kim.

Speaking of Dwight. He is the most insufferable housewife of them all.

That whole Sheree is a fashion designer thing, just because she says she is one seems so deluded. I really don't think that that is how the being a fashion designer business works. Sheree does provide some good entertainment value due to being so full of herself.

I don't care for Lisa. I don't know why. She seems like a nice person. In the end we learned her clothing line is being sold in some high end stores. While Sheree's apparently, so far, is not. Though she did do something with her "fashion line" in New York. In the end we also learned that Tardy for the Party is #3 on I Tunes. And that Big Poppa and Kim are still not married. And that Big Poppa has not filed for divorce. Or something like that.

I'm not looking forward to the 2 part reunion show like I did last year's. You just know that we are going to hear an awful lot of yelling with the Atlanta girls, with NeNe demanding apologies and complaining about people talking about her behind her back.

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