Thursday, October 8, 2009

Top Chef Las Vegas: Ashley Merriman Packs Her Knives & Goes

Kevin won this week's Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef. It was a high stakes Quickfire, which in Las Vegas means you get money if you win. In this case you could choose between money or immunity from elimination. Kevin chose the money. Good choice due to his and Jennifer's team win in the Elimination Challenge.

Well, actually it was Jennifer who won. Again. It was one of those draw knives to get teamed up challenges. The chefs drew ingredients out of a group of famous chef's paper bags and then had to figure out what to make of their choices.

And then the chefs got thrown a big curve. They had to do all their cooking in the kitchen in their sleeping quarters. According to Tom Colicchio it was thought, "it would be fun to see what the chefs could do in a regular kitchen, serving up their food family style," to the chefs who's bags gave them their ingredients, and to the other regular judges.

Michael V., he the brother of Bryan V. was teamed with Ash. They had a mishap over a loss of power which ruined their dish. Sending a distraught Michael V. to the Judges' Least Favorite Walk of Shame for the first time for his gooey egg yolk, un-crispy pancetta wrapped around overcooked halibut.

But, Ashley and Eli's oversalted gnocchi and undercooked prawns were even worse. It was Eli who ruined the gnocchi, with Ashley ruining the prawns. But gnocchi was Ashley's idea and the judges did not think serving a hot dumpling on a hot day was a good plan.

Meanwhile Michael V.'s brother Bryan had one of the winning dishes. He was teamed with Laurine. In the end it was Jennifer and Kevin's BBQ Kobe beef that won, mostly due to Jennifer's tomato/ginger broth. Hence the win by Jennifer.

Next week it looks like we might get some drama with the brothers.

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jennagrey said...

it's getting a little nutty over here, I'm trying not to go irrationally crazy that ashley was eliminated.