Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project Runway: Logan Is Out

I don't think I've admitted to watching Project Runway. I saw an occaisonal episode when the show was on Bravo. I've watched pretty much every episode of Project Runway since it's moved to Lifetime.

I like Top Chef due to the fact that I can cook and every once in awhile I learn something useful. I have no interest in fashion and the only time my hands have met a needle and thread was when I learned how to re-attach a button.

I think what makes Project Runway watchable to me is the utter bizarreness of watching these people be able to whip out an article of clothing in a really short period of time. And for those articles of clothing to be so goofy.

Like the Judy Jetson costume Logan Neitzel got cut for. Logan was shocked to get sent home, "for taking a risk and showing them something that's innovative and kind of out there."

Of Logan's outerspace suit, Heidi Klum said, "It looks like an outfit for a music video back in the '80s, but not even for the lead person!"

Althea Harper was the winner this week. The other two who made something that did not look weird were Irina Shabayeva and Carol Hannah Whitfield. Irina is a bit of a, well, bitch, according to the other designers. Irina thought Althea was copying her, while Althea was sure Logan was copying Althea. All that copy talk was amusing.

The other 2 who joined Logan, as the worst of the week, were Christopher Straub for his humongous Scarlett O'hara at a ball monstrosity that funny hostess, Heidi Klum said looked like it was dragging a bed skirt along with it. The designer from what used to be Yugoslavia, Gordana Gehlhausen, made a gray thing that had judge Nick Verreos saying it "looks like an office worker in Warsaw, Poland."

The girl designers seem to have better taste than the boys, both in what they make and how they make themselves look. Christopher has this bizarre beard thing going that looks like a chinstrap. All the boys had unfortunate haircuts. I don't think we've seen any of the girls driven to tears. Christopher had a breakdown the first time the judges did not like one of his odd creations.

Project Runway often brings to mind one of the best I Love Lucy episodes. Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel were in Paris. Lucy and Ethel wanted a dress from a famous Parisian designer. Ricky and Fred said no. The girls pouted. Ricky and Fred then had dresses made from burlap bags and bought feedbags for hats. Gave the designer clothes to Lucy and Ethel, telling them they were the latest, from next year's collection of the famous designer.

Lucy and Ethel proceded to strut around town in their new outfits. Ricky and Fred felt guilty about what they'd done and fessed up. The episode ended where it started, sitting at the same outdoor cafe patio where they'd first seen the famous designer and his models. And now at the end here comes the designer and the models again. Wearing various versions of dresses made out of burlap and feedbags for hats.

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