Thursday, October 8, 2009

Levi Johnston Twitters Another Slap Back at Sarah Palin Over Palin's Upcoming Memoir's Attacks on Levi

You are looking at Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin back during better times when they were a bit more friendly with each than they are today.

This morning when I looked at Twitter I saw that overnight Levi was once more hitting back at his one time future mother-in-law.

That catalyst of Levi's latest Tweeting about Todd Palin's wife were details from Sarah's, what Levi called "tell-little" memoir, in which Sarah spends a lot of ink, apparently, on a vitriolic attack on Levi.

Levi Tweets umbrage over Sarah calling him a "bald face liar."

I'll copy some of Levi's Tweets from Twitter below...

"Sarah Palin who received a whopping $7 million advance - is using Going Rogue: An American Life to strike back at Levi Johnston."

"In her upcoming book, angry Sarah fires back, says the publishing insider."

"She defends her marriage to Todd, saying they are happy together."

"Palin's "tell-little" book whitewashes her controversial background and family life, according to the publishing source."

"If you think you're going to learn the down-and-dirty details of her rumored messy marriage, think again because you're wrong."

"Gov Sarah Palin's new memoir is nothing more than a vitriolic attack on Levi Johnston."

"It's also a renewed attack on me, calling me 'a liar' once again for all the claims i made against her after breaking up w/ Bristol."

"She writes that ima 'bald-face liar.' says im bitter at the breakup, and is trying to earn a fast buck at the ex-governor's expense."

"$50k per speech, Sarah could earn as much as $11 million for her memoirs. (Reuters) Alaska governor makes $125k annually."

There you have it, Levi Johnston's Twitter Tweeting slap back at Sarah Palin.

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