Monday, May 23, 2011

Kirstie Alley Flips During Dancing With The Stars Finale Freestyle

That is not a screen cap of Kirstie Alley falling during her freestyle routine on the Dancing with the Stars finale. Instead of a fall, it is Kirstie going into a cartwheel move.

Just a few weeks ago I would not believe what I saw tonight on Dancing with the Stars would have been possible.

A few weeks ago, in a relatively simple move, as Kirstie wrapped a leg around Maks, Maks' leg could not handle the stress. And to the ground they fell.

During tonight's freestyle routine of the finale, the extent of the transformation of Kirstie Alley during the course of this season of DWTS was clear.

Kirstie Alley is no long the Fat Actress. She is now the shapely, well-rounded actress. Who dances well.

The Kirstie/Maks freestyle started off nice and slow. And then Kirstie ripped off some of her clothes and ran towards Maks who caught her and spun her around like a light feather. This was followed by Maks lifting Kirstie into the air in multiple formations, with Kirstie at times doing gymnastic flips.

Along with 2 instances of a Kirstie cartwheel.

I think the audience in the studio, along with the viewers, were a bit happily shocked at the Kirstie freestyle. And then those stingy judges gave Kirstie & Maks all 9s, just like they'd done for their first dance, a samba. The audience booed at the three 9s for the freestyle.

There were two other couples dancing. I did not care for the Chelsea Kane/Mark Ballas freestyle. It seemed frenetic and goofy. I also did not care for the Hines Ward/Kym Johnson halftime show freestyle. But those annoying judges did, giving those couples all 10s, except one 9 for each, giving both a total of 59, for their 2 dances.

So, it is Kirstie & Maks in 3rd place with 54 points. And the other pairs tied for first with 59.

Apparently there is one more dance for the judges to judge tomorrow.

I suspect that the huge number of votes that Kirstie gets from the viewers, will give Kirstie the coveted disco ball trophy and Maks his first win.

Then again, I don't bother to vote. I suspect others don't as well. Which means the Disney kid and her annoying partner could win. Or the football player with the Aussie partner.

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