Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bachelorette's Ashley Sends Drunk Tim Home & Keeps The Masked Man Jeff

I had not intended to watch the first episode of the latest iteration of The Bachelorette. But then when Dancing with the Stars ended, up started The Bachelorette, with nary a break.

The DWTS DVR recording stopped after about a half hour. Then I realized the DVR was recording The Bachelorette. So, I continued watching til I caught up with the recording, right at the commercial break before the Sacred Rose Ceremony.

I sort of got hooked, due to this always weird show, seeming even weirder, than usual. Maybe I was just tired.

I fast forwarded through much of the intro. There were several bios of just some of the boys. Are they the ones who made it far in the game? I mean, search for love? After maybe 5 or 6 bios, the 25 boys started arriving via limos.

Ashley Hebert is The Bachelorette this time around. Ashley had been rejected on The Bachelor by Brad Womack, who preferred Emily.

One of Ashley's potential husbands, Bentley, also prefers Emily. Michelle Money, she of crazy lady fame on Brad Womack's The Bachelor, apparently warned Ashley that Bentley had that horrible Bachelorette/Bachelor disease of not being in it for the right reasons.

But, Ashley thought Bentley was cute, overlooked Michelle's warnings and gave Bentley one of the Sacred Roses. I know this from the previews of the season that started the show, where we see Bentley breaking Ashley heart, or appearing to do so.

I also know Ashley gave Bentley one of the Sacred Roses because I looked at the ABC The Bachelorette website to see if I could see the famous masked man, Jeff, without his mask.

Yes, one of the boys got out of the limo with most of his face covered by a mask. Not due to some hideous deformity. But because his gimmick was he believed with the mask people are forced to judge him on his inner beauty, not his outer beauty. Or something like that.

On the ABC The Bachelorette website's graphic of Who's In & Who's Out? Jeff's face is all blacked out.

If I were Ashley, I would have told Jeff to take the mask off or go home. As the boys got more alcohol in them, Jeff's mask became more and more of an issue, as it unsettled some of the potential husbands.

Ashley kept the guy in the mask, but did send another one home before the Sacred Rose Ceremony.

That would be Tim, a liquor distributor from New York, who drank too much, had trouble talking to Ashley, then passed out.

And then in a contrived scene, marching towards the passed out Tim, with the camera behind her, Ashley tried to wake Tim up. When that failed Ashley went to request the assistance of some of the burly men to help her haul Tim out to a waiting car to send him home.

Tim was not in it for the right reasons. I don't know if I am.

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