Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Disco Ball Trophy Goes To Hines Ward Instead Of Kirstie Alley

I bailed on watching the Dancing with the Stars results show. I got tired of way too many weather interruptions.

Or split screens like you see in the screen cap, with Chelsea Kane dancing in the lower right corner, with the upper right and lower left showing important still images of lightning strikes. I suppose in case a viewer does not know what lightning looks like.

The upper left shows a tent either being blown by the wind, or being hit by hail.

I figured Kirstie Alley was going to be the shoo-in winner. As fun as that would be to see, I turned off the TV.

This morning I was slightly surprised to learn that Kirstie did not win. Instead the NFL footballer, Hines Ward, won the coveted mirror ball trophy.

Kirstie had lower scores from the judges than Hines or Chelsea. But, I figured she had so many more fans. That and I thought her freestyle was far more entertaining than either of her competitors.

How could she not win after losing so much weight and doing those cartwheel flips?

What an injustice.

I figured there could not possibly be all that many football fans who also watch DWTS. I am not a football fan, so it is not too shocking that I'd never heard of Hines Ward before he started dancing.

Anyway, methinks Kirstie was a winner in DWTS even if she did not win that shiny trophy.

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