Monday, May 9, 2011

Kisha & Jen Take Care of Their Unfinished Business by Winning The Amazing Race

Kisha & Jen winning The Amazing Race makes it two races in a row won by an all girl team.

Sunday's two hour finale was the best Amazing Race finish in a long time.

All the tasks were interesting. Selling bikinis or making 100 drinks at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro was the first detour of the day.

Justin & Zev made the mistake of trying to sell bikinis. Eventually they switched to making drinks.

It was not being a good day for Zev & Justin. Prior to the bikini fiasco there was a Samba dancing Roadblock that did not go well for Zev.

The clue from the Samba dancing told teams to make their way to a 15 minute Brazilian body waxing session. This also did not go well for Zev & Justin due to the pair being covered with so many follicles needing to be painfully removed.

By the time they made it to the Pitstop, Zev & Justin knew they were in last and their race was over.

Then it was Kisha & Jen, the Globetrotters and Gary & Mallory heading to the final destination in Florida.

Arriving in Florida teams had to find a marina and a Roadblock where the participating teammate had to load a boat with a forklift. The clue after completing that task sent the teams to Key Largo to find Jules' Undersea Lodge.

Jules' Undersea Lodge was really bizarre. It was another Roadblock. The person doing the Roadblock had to get in a very Jules Verne-ish wetsuit and then get in a big water tank filled with mermaids and underwater musicians, searching for their next clue in floating treasure chests.

After finding the underwater clue it was on to Big Pine Key to walk across the water to Horseshoe Island to find the tallest tree where the clue directed them to take a fast boat ride to Marathon Marina and walk to Galway Bay Mobile Home, where Miss Rose would judge when the teams had successfully set up camp, matching the camp pictured on a brochure.

That final task proved amusing as the wind came up and caused problems. Soon Gary & Mallory arrived. They had had some bad taxi driver luck.

Eventually Jen & Kisha completed the task to Miss Rose's satisfaction. Opening the clue Jen & Kisha learned they had to travel by taxi to the old Seven Mile Bridge and then pedal tricycles to the Finish Line.

Jen & Kisha got to the bridge and started pedaling. Wind made pedaling difficult. Soon Flight Time & Big Easy showed up. The race was on to the Finish Line.

Eventually the Globetrotters realized they were not going to catch up to Kisha & Jen and conceded the race.

All in all, it was a very satisfying Amazing Race finale. I don't know if Kisha & Jen knew this would air on Mother's Day. But when the race ended Kisha & Jen spoke tearfully about their mom and how hard she worked to raise them. And how some of the million dollars was going to their mom to help her start the business of her dreams.

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