Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Hines Ward Gets Perfect Scores But Chelsa Kane Gets More Points

Last night was the first time I watched Hines Ward dance on Dancing With The Stars. To shorten the two hour dance marathons I had been fast forwarding past dancers I had no interest in, or had no clue as to what made them a supposed star.

Like that Romeo kid who left last week.

This week on DWTS long bios introduced each dancer. The bio suddenly turned Hines Ward into someone very interesting.

Til last night I had no idea Hines Ward was born in Seoul, South Korea, to a black dad, Hines Ward Sr. and a Korean mom, Kim Young He. When Hines was 1 the family moved to Georgia, with his soldier dad soon sent to Germany on a tour of duty. A year later Hines mom and dad divorced, with his dad convincing a court that Hines' mom could not raise him because she did not speak English. So, Hines went to live with his dad's mom til he was seven.

We heard from Hines' mom on Monday's DWTS. She now speaks English.

Hines' mom seemed to think he really had no business dancing. But, on Monday's show, Hines and partner, Kym Johnson, scored all 10 on both dances, getting 60 points for a salsa and Argentine tango. I am sure someone has made perfect scores before, but I don't remember who.

The perfect scores were made even more impressive due to the fact that Kym injured her neck while practicing on Friday, while attempting a tricky lift which had Kym falling on her neck and Hines falling on top of her. Paramedics rushed in and took Kym to the hospital.

Carrie Ann Inaba is way too easily driven to tears, and was so driven on Monday by the Hines and Kym tango.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas came in first for the night, with 73 points, after winning the third dance of the night, something called the "Winner-Take-All Cha-Cha."

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy came in 3rd with 54 points after doing some Viennese waltzing and  and paso dobling. Carrie Ann was not driven to tears, but did crown Kirstie as the "Queen" of the dramatic Latin dance.

Ralph Macchio and Playboy model, Karina Smirnoff were in last place with only 48 points. For the salsa Ralph wore something called a "booty pad" to make his butt bigger to supposedly improve his butt-shaking moves. I did not notice any increase in butt size. Or any consequent extra shaking. I probably was paying more attention to the Playboy model.

Next week is the DWTS's finale. I'd like to lose Chelsea and Mark tonight and have Ralph, Kirstie and Hines in the finale. I like the Chelsea kid, but Mark wears on my nerves.

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