Friday, May 13, 2011

Lady Gaga Advises Scotty McCreery To Treat His Microphone Like His Girl Friend While James Durbin Leaves American Idol

Google's Blogger has been in major malfunction mode, which prevented me from blogging.

So, I am 2 days past Lady Gaga's interesting appearance on this week's American Idol.

I found all Lady Gaga's mentoring to be amusing, with the most amusing being the mentoring done to 17 year old Scotty McCreery.

Telling the kid to treat his microphone like his girl friend, to make sweet love to it. I forget what else.

And then Lady Gaga stood up and walked over to Scotty. The shorts Lady Gaga was wearing were very interesting. Actually, I could not tell for sure if she was wearing any shorts.

Scotty's reactions were funny, as were his comments, post-Gaga.

Lady Gaga seemed to be giving good advice. I thought all did well. I was surprised that it was James Durbin who got the tearful boot on Thursday and not Haley Reinhart or Lauren Alaina.

I am sort of disappointed we won't be seeing a James Durbin hometown visit. It likely would have been very interesting. With a lot of tears jerked.

I've read in the past couple days that Lady Gaga wants to be on Glee. A Lady Gaga appearance on Glee would likely be highly amusing.

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