Monday, May 16, 2011

Anticlimatic End to Survivor Redemption Island with Boston Rob Mariano Winning the Million Dollar Prize

What a surprising, shocking finale to Survivor: Redemption Island.

Rob Mariano won the million bucks.

In the end it was Rob against Natalie and Phillip.

A groupie and a stooge.

Andrea managed to be the Redemption Island final duel winner by being the last to break a vase. Andrea's return to the game did not last long.

Rob used his Hidden Immunity Idol at the last opportunity to do so, even though it ended up not being necessary, so well-trained was his cult. And then Rob won the last Immunity Challenge, guaranteeing Rob as the winner on Rob's 4th time on Survivor.

The jury inquisition of Natalie, Rob and Phillip was, to me, the most boring in Survivor history. Mostly due, I assume, to the fact that Rob being the winner was a foregone conclusion at that point.

This season of Survivor rubbed me the wrong way right from the start, with the arrival, back in the game, of Rob and Russell, right after they'd been on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

It's like Rob had some deal with CBS to let him keep coming on Survivor until he won. Russell Hantz would like to win Survivor really bad too. Will a way be found to have Russell back on Survivor for his 4th time?

I really thought it was God's plan, ardent Survivor viewer that He be, for Matt to be the one to go back in game from Redemption Island, win the Immunity Challenges and be the Sole Survivor. But, apparently God likes Boston Rob more than Matt.

On Sunday I did not watch past Boston Rob winning, so I have no idea what exciting location the next Survivor is going to take place in. Or what Redemption Island type wrinkle has been added. Or if Russell is going return again.

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Anonymous said...

You missed all the fun! Phillip was calm, even sedate (or sedated). An official of some Federal something or other confirmed that he is a special agent. I suspect he's now a special agent on psych meds, though! Russell will likelly be back again. And I missed where they're going next, but I'll be watching...