Friday, May 20, 2011

The Real Housewives of New York City Go To Morocco For 3 Weeks

That is Jill Zarin in Morocco in the picture. It looks as if Jill may have a snake wrapped around her head. Jill Zarin is a bit of a snake, so this would seem to be appropriate headwear for her.

This week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City was another strange one.

Cindy took the non-blondes to some Spa/Hotel somewhere that took 6 hours to get to, due to, apparently, someone reading a Google map wrong.

While the non-blondes were at the spa banging drums, the blondes went in for some spa treatment of their own. Alex got her face scraped, Sonja had her cellulite issues addressed, Ramona found out that botox would fix her neck waddle.

At another point non-blonde Kelly went to blonde Sonja's to offer much needed advice while Sonja was having a photo shoot for her Toaster Oven cookbook.

Sonja has turned really weird. Apparently Sonja can no longer afford underwear. While posing for the photographer at one point Sonja went totally Sharon Stone, shocking Kelly, who had never seen that part of another woman's anatomy before.

LuAnn has turned totally insufferable. Does LuAnn watch an episode, like the most recent, and realize what an overbearing, inappropriate bitch she was being to Ramona, lecturing Ramona about Ramona's supposed bad behavior towards Jill?

We viewers had seen, clearly, who was the wrong one in that scenario.


LuAnn, at the point in time she was lecturing Ramona, had not seen what really happened.

LuAnn continued her bad behavior at Jill's anti-bullying charity, confronting Ramona again, making the mistake of doing so in front of Alex who, as always, accurately assesses what is going on and correctly says LuAnn is yet one more thug in a cocktail dress.

Jill is so un-self aware that she has not an inkling how ironic it is for bully Jill to be having anything to do with an anti-bullying charity.

I am amazed at how much less annoying Kelly has become. And is almost a sympathetic character. Telling LuAnn that she'd been physically abused. By who?  The ex-husband? Or that guy who Kelly beat up, who had her arrested?

This episode started with LuAnn and Sonja at lunch, where LuAnn tells her of the Bravo plan, I mean, LuAnn's plan, for all the girls to go off on a trip together. After pretending the location was not already known, throwing out various destinations, til LuAnn revealed it would be Morocco where this season's major drama will play out.

One by one the girls came onboard the Moroccan train, with Kelly being the last holdout.

At the end of the episode, the screen goes to black, with white type telling us, "For the Next Three Weeks the Girls are in Morocco." Or something like that.

We then see a series of previews that clearly show the blondes and the non-blondes are in civil war mode. It appears LuAnn acts insufferable, a lot of alcohol is consumed, Ramona breaks down in sobbing tears, LuAnn looks in horror at a snake going in a guy's mouth, the girls go on a camel caravan.

Will the Three Week Moroccan Debacle be the equal, entertainment-wise, of last season's Three Week Scary Island Debacle? I suspect not.

Will Sonja have the common sense to wear underwear in a conservative North African country? I hope so.

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GossipGrl said...

It never ends with these women, just when you think it can't get any better... it does! I am totally addicted to RHONY. I mean I also follow them on Facebook, I can't help it..I just don't want to miss a moment of action. RHONY!!!