Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wild Animal NeNe Leakes Battles Star Jones on The Celebrity Apprentice & Then Quits While Star Gets Fired

In the picture you are looking at a harping NeNe Leakes harping at a calm Star Jones on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice mess.

NeNe had managed to keep in check her particular form of madness, until the beginning of last week's episode, when NeNe went in to her patented tirade mode, causing the jaws of Trump and his spawn to drop.

From that point on NeNe was full on in a one-way war with Star Jones. Star Jones is a highly educated, very articulate, very well behaved nice lady. Meanwhile NeNe Leakes is a street thug who packs whips and chains and an AK-47, and isn't ashamed to use them.

NeNe Leakes' charity on Celebrity Apprentice had something do with domestic violence. So, NeNe gave us object lessons as to what that type abuse is like.

At the start of this week's episode Trump took NeNe off Star's team of ASAP and moved her over to the Backbone team of LaToya Jackson, Lil' John and John Rich, while he moved Meatloaf from Backbone over to ASAP, to join Star and Marlee Matlin.

After the team switch, NeNe went into full NeNe mode. Accused Trump of playing favorites and caving to Star's demands. NeNe huffed off in a fit, leaving her teammates wondering where she was. Eventually NeNe let Trump know she was leaving the show. Much to Trump's disgust.

In Sunday's two part episode, 3 hour episode, LaToya was fired, gently in part one, with much praise from Trump, followed by Trump then directing loud words at NeNe, who was not in the Boardroom, saying he'd wrongly thought she had potential, that, "You're fired, and you're a quitter, and Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not."

Then in Part Two Star Jones played it sly, thinking she was letting Meatloaf hang himself. When they lost the task there was a lot of yelling between Star and Meatloaf. I found it annoying because Star's points were valid, but she could not fully get them out due to all the interupting.

So, Trump fired Star Jones. I think mainly because she made a big fuss over Meatloaf calling her Sweetie. Again I saw Star's point.

And now, since the airing of Sunday's show NeNe and Star have been going at it in the press, with Star Jones eventually saying, "NeNe is like a wild animal."

I agree with that. I suspect Kim Zolciak would, as well.

I'm thinking NeNe's latest bad reality tv behavior should put an end to her 15 minutes. She used to be entertaining, til she let her inner she beast become her dominant personality trait.

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