Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best of Night For American Idol Final Performance Show Was Either Scotty or Lauren

An incoming Texas thunderstorm knocked out my power about 5 minutes before the start of the American Idol final performance show of the season.

Power came back on at the end of the show, right when re-caps of Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina's 3 songs of the night and the voting numbers were shown, as you can see in the screen cap, with all the weather info taking up most of the screen, with Scotty shoved up in the upper right corner.

At least I got to see a condensed version of the show.

It did not take extensive research to learn that Scotty started off the show, with the first round being the singer's singing what they felt was their favorite performance of the season. Scotty sang "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry.

Lauren chose Carrie Underwood's "Flat on the Floor." Apparently Lauren sounded a tad hoarse.

For the second round Scotty and Lauren asked their favorite idol to pick a song for them. George Strait picked his own song, "Check Yes or No," for Scotty. Carrie Underwood picked "Maybe It Was Memphis."

Judges' opinions?  In the first round Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson gave Scotty a slight edge, with Lauren getting the coveted slight edge for round 2. Steven Tyler gave both rounds to Lauren.

The third round song was what it always is, that being the first song the singer will release should they be the winner.

For Scotty, Jimmy Iovine picked "I Love You This Big." Randy was the most negative of the judges. Jennifer reached deep into her extensive vocabulary and said it was "amazing." Steven said Scotty proved, "You can't make a 3-point shot from under the net." I don't know what that means either.

Lauren sang a tribute to American moms called "Like My Mother Does." Jennifer felt that this song just might make Lauren the winner. Randy cleverly went non-cliche and said, "Lauren Alaina has arrived."

With Steven saying something I could understand, that being, “The first time I saw you I thought you were my American Idol. I think America’s gonna find that to be true as well.”

So, I guess that means Steven thinks Lauren will win. Randy thought the slight edge went to Scotty. While Jennifer thought it too close to call.

Two things for certain. The winner will be a teenager who's future is likely in country music, not heavy metal.

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