Friday, May 13, 2011

The Real Housewives Of New York City Was Boring Again This Week Til Sonja Forgot Her Underwear

The last episode of The Real Housewives of New York City started off so boring I was thinking it was maybe time to bail.

But, then I remembered this was going to be the episode where Sonja's derriere gets exposed.


The boring stuff before Sonja's unfortunate exposure included a long look at Cindy's abode. And the kid's she bred by in vitro fertilization.

The guy who provided the material that was used to do the fertilizing showed up. Cindy's brother does not like the guy.

The sperm donor seemed sort of creepy to me. And then Cindy tells us that they had been an off and on again couple. And that they were on at the time she got pregnant, and then off two months later.

So, why were they using the in vitro method to make a baby and not the old-fashioned way?

Did Jill come to visit Cindy? I think I remember some Jill comments about nannies and the house being a mess.

For some reason Cindy asked Jill to go to the dentist with her. That seemed weird. And then Jill made it even weirder when she started acting like a co-dentist. Jill informed us that she and her mother and sister have the gift of having doctor's skills with no license.

Jill has really made it clear she has no clue why the fans have turned on her. Bad Jill was on display this episode.

And then we kept cutting to Sonja's, where she was fussing over her costume for her Masquerade party. That was all so totally boring. Except for the strange part where Sonja explains that she has friends who will call her from Europe, asking if someone could stay with her. We learned this when she explained who the houseboy was she was ordering to make her tea.

Something is very wrong with Sonja this year.

Sonja's Masquerade party was held in a little place called The Vault. The housewives and husbands arrived, fawning over how great they looked. Alex and Simon were Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. Not the one married to Jennifer Lopez. Alex looked good with black hair.

And then Jill arrived and proceeded to bad mouth Sonja's bad parties, the small room, the small number of guests, the bad food.

And then suddenly Sonja realized she'd forgotten a key part of her costume. Her bloomers. Or whatever she called them. She learned this while Jill  was next to her. Jill had a real good view and proceeded to inform everyone that Sonja had an enormous bruise on her butt.

Sonja was very loud about her missing underwear. Letting everyone know she was not fully dressed.

Next up was Ramona's product launch party for her Pinot Grigio line. The Countess asked Ramona one technical question after another about Ramona's wine. Til Ramona could take it no longer. The Countess, at times, really seems like she has something wrong with her.

At some point Jennifer, who's wedding we attended during the first episode, told Ramona about some bad Jill behavior at Jennifer's wedding where Jill grilled Jennifer about why she invited Alex and Simon. And about how well she knew Ramona.

Ramona took extreme umbrage. And of course, after fueled by enough Pinot, confronted Jill, who denied it all. Jill never answers a direct question. It's very annoying. Jill then left in a huff, and ran into Jennifer, totally distorting what had just happened. Then Jill went back into Ramona's party and lied about the talk she'd just had with Jennifer.

Next we see Jill crying with LuAnn, with the Countess tackily adding fuel to the fire.

I think the simple explanation for Jill, in addition to being a narcissist, is that she is a pathological liar. They are the worst of the liar breed. Because they believe their lies while they are doing their lying. And then they get mad at you when you catch them in a lie, which usually just causes more lying.

I really can not stand Cindy.

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