Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Real Housewives of New York City Go To Morocco for Blondes vs. Brunettes Feuding

This season of The Real Housewives of New York City has been a bit of a bore. Particularly compared to last season.

The 3 episodes covering the girls trip to Morocco were rumored to finally amp up the drama and entertainment.

Well, I will say that Morocco Part 1 was the most entertaining episode this season. But that's only because the previous episodes have been so weak.

You know you're a bit starved for drama when way too much time is spent on the annoying Cindy's complaint that the blondes had stolen her clothes hangers.

When Cindy reported the crime to the brunettes she amped up the accusation by claiming her clothes had been tossed in the hanger theft.

It was really a big mistake to add Cindy to the RHONY cast. She is like a big energy suck.

LuAnn seems to grow evermore insufferable. She has made herself the girl's guide to all things Moroccan. Previously we heard LuAnn brag she'd been to Morocco many times. On her Bravo blog Alex said the actual fact is that LuAnn had been to Morocco once, years ago.

Which makes sense, because LuAnn thought Morocco was a city and compared it to Paris. Not realizing that it is Marrakesh that is a city in Morocco. LuAnn seems both real pretentious and real dumb to me.

Kelly has shown no signs of crazy so far in Morocco. I thought it was amusing when Kelly went on and on, telling the brunettes what a mess Sonja's house is. Which had LuAnn coming to the absent Sonja's defense.

Apparently it was right before the Morocco trip that Sonja filed for bankruptcy. Which may partly explain some of her behavior. Like being totally paranoid that her small amount of luggage might be stolen.

Ramona and Alex are pretty much my favorites. Why would Ramona bring so much stuff with her to Morocco? A case full of jewelry? With stands for the jewelry?

Jill's ex gay husband, Brad, showing up in Morocco, with Jill having told him she would be there, with Jill saying Brad had a home in Morocco, which she later made a big deal over the home turning into Brad having a room at a Bed & Breakfast, was a bit much.

Also a bit much was Brad's birthday party. I am not a fan of snakes. Seeing a guy kiss a venomous snake is not entertaining to me. I did enjoy seeing a snake wrapped around the reptilian Jill's head, though.

At one point we heard Sonja ask menopausal Ramona if she had any feminine hygiene products. Ramona mis-heard and showed Sonja her high heels. Next week somehow Sonja's female woes come into play with a camel ride.

That should make for some riveting TV viewing.

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