Friday, May 13, 2011

On Survivor Phillip Found His Shorts While Grant was Sent to Redemption Island

Last week after watching Survivor I mentioned I'd forgotten to notice if Phillip was still wandering around in his pink panties. Or if more suitable shorts had been found to replace the shorts that Julie had buried.

Well, as you can see, Phillip was wandering around in his pink panties this week. And then, later in the show, he was back in shorts that looked like the ones Julie buried.

Why were we shown nothing about how Phillip acquired new shorts?

In the parts of the latest episode that weren't as important as Phillip's shorts mystery, Andrea survived her duel on Redemption Island after a cool reception from her jilted lover, Matt. Ralph had a big lead in the Redemption Island duel, then quickly faltered when figuring out a puzzle was required.

Rob continues to have complete control of his cult.

Ashley was the intended bootee, but went and spoiled Rob's plan by winning immunity and a big feast which she shared with Natalie.

It was then Grant who got the blindside at Tribal Council.

I am beginning to think that Jeff Probst needs to dial it down during challenges. The play by play gets annoying. And at Tribal Council he needs to stop with what seems, at times, to amount to directing the Survivors as to what to think.

Rob is being pretty funny. He verbalized what many viewers also wonder. As in at what point now does the player return from Redemption Island? I assume on Sunday's show the first thing we will see is a final duel with the winner re-joining the tribe. That would make 6 on the tribe.

Is 6 the number that usually is in play at this stage in the game? I don't remember, but if I had to guess I'd say the number is usually 5.

The last Survivor finale my DVR messed up by not recording the third hour. I must try and remember to rectify that this time.


cd0103 said...

Phillip founds his shorts about 5.7 seconds in to the previous episode. It was a total non-event.

Anonymous said...

Rob will win. He is like the ultimate viewer getting to play. He says what I think, he plays like I'd like to think I'd play. And he is NO DRAMA. In fact, he is UNdrama. I really like that about him. He'll win. He'll be back. Some type of way. He's too popular for Survivor to let him just gooooo............