Friday, May 6, 2011

The Real Housewives of New York City Needs to Get Rid of Cindy & Get Sonja Underwear

The latest was another strange episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

That is either Johann or Francoise with mother Alex. If I had to guess I'd say it was Francoise who got a piano for his birthday. Francoise seemed to care less.

Then in her talking head comments, Alex would be saying things like how thrilled the kid was. Then we'd cut back to the kid not being thrilled.

It was very odd.

But not as odd as Sonja's toaster oven cooking lesson. Sonja's toaster oven looked antique, which the Countess pointed out. Why would anyone think it is easier to cook in a toaster oven than a real oven? Made no sense to me.

Sonja had Cindy come to her house so Sonja could educate Sonja regarding multiple bad Cindy behaviors, including, adding to the list, dancing with Sonja's houseboy upon arrival. Cindy lied to Sonja, telling Sonja that she had not told Kelly that Sonja was having Ramona come to her toaster oven demo.

To make clear Cindy was lying Bravo showed us a clip of Cindy telling Kelly what Cindy denies telling.

Now, back to Sonja before we get to Kelly. Sonja went to some baseball thing, involving NYC firemen who were in a calendar, with Sonja throwing the first pitch at a baseball game.

Was Sonja told to come dressed as some sort of cheap hooker? As you can see in the picture above, Sonja's outfit had her looking slightly preggers.

And then we were treated to a view of Sonja's backside when the wind blew her skirt up and kept it up.

This seemed to excite some of the firemen, even more so when Sonja had them take off half their clothes. One of the firemen told Sonja after the photo shoot they should exchange information.

That is a sophisticated way of saying I want to have your phone number. This is how Kim Zolciak snagged her latest baby daddy, Kroy Biermann, on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kelly displayed a little crazy Kellyness this episode, bringing up Scary Island again. Being irrational about Ramona.

Kelly bugs me bad.

But not as bad as she used to. Now, after enough exposure to Kelly, I've learned a lot of what makes her annoying is because the poor girl is so damn dumb.

Kelly and Ramona had lunch together, with Sonja. That went well. Except for Kelly saying stuff that had Ramona's eyes bulging a bit.

Jill got back from Australia and met up with some of the housewives to give them Aussie trinkets. Jill's talking head told us she was no longer going to gossip. About 5 seconds later Jill was back gossiping.

Later, in several drawn out segments, Jill went to Alex's house where they had lunch and seemed to settle their differences, with Jill actually seeming to act like a decent human.

We'll see how long Jill being decent lasts.

I really can not stand Cindy. This is the best they could find in all of New York City?

In the previews for next week we saw Sonja's bare backside again. Rivetting television.

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