Monday, May 2, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice Interrupted by Obama due to Osama Killing While Hope Dworaczyk Was Fired

I know I said I was ceasing watching The Celebrity Apprentice after Trump fired Mark McGrath rather than Gary Busey.

I did not get to see the actual firing of McGrath or hear Trump's reasoning, due to a weather drama intervention.

And I forgot to stop my DVR from recording Trump's show.

And so I watched Gary Busey get fired. And LaToya Jackson, last week.

But, I did not get to see Hope Dworaczyk get fired this week due to NBC interupted with an announcement from the White House. This happened with about a half hour to go on the show. The DVR recording ran out before Obama finally went on the air to announce that Osama had been killed.

I had to go to the Internet to see who Trump fired.

The episode started with NeNe Leakes in full Real of Housewives of Atlanta mode, shouting at Star Jones. In front of Trump.

The challenge had something to do with hair.

At some point LaToya Jackson showed up at Trump's office to ask to be un-fired. Then in the boardroom LaToya made a dramatic entrance, with Trump announcing she was now on the men's team. Trump then asked LaToya about NeNe and what LaToya thought of Star Jones and Hope Dworaczyk. LaToya pretty much sounded verbatim just like NeNe regarding Star and Hope.

It was shortly after the entry of LaToya that NBC broke away for the incoming important announcement.

There is some conspiracy talk on the Interwebs speculating that Obama timed messing with Trump's show due to Trump's recent messing with Obama. The conspiracy theorists don't seem to consider that it was everything running on TV, at that particular time, that got messed with. Do they really think that Obama would be that diabolically mean, just to mess with Donald Trump's tv show?

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